Two Nuclear Commanders Fired, Another DisciplinedThe actions are the latest sign of trouble in how the nation's nuclear weapons are handled.
Exam Cheating Scandal Hits Navy Nuclear ForceThe Navy is investigating cheating allegations against about one-fifth of its trainers at a school for naval nuclear power reactor operators.
Expansion Of Cheating Probe Adds To Nuke BurdenDozens more Air Force officers have been implicated in a cheating scandal on nuclear missile proficiency tests.
Study: 'Dangerous Weak Links' In Security Of World's Nuclear MaterialsThe number of countries possessing the makings of a nuclear bomb has dropped by almost one-quarter over the past two years, but there remain "dangerous weak links" in nuclear materials security that could be exploited by terrorist groups with potentially catastrophic results, according to a study released Wednesday.
Netanyahu: Nuclear Deal With Iran 'Would Be A Mistake Of Historic Proportions'Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns a possible international nuclear deal with Iran would have grave consequences.
General in Charge of Nuclear Missiles is FiredThe Air Force fired the general in charge of its nuclear missiles on Friday, just two days after a Navy admiral with top nuclear weapons responsibilities was sacked. Both men are caught up in investigations of alleged personal misconduct, adding to a cascade of turmoil inside the nation's nuclear weapons force.
Netanyahu Warns Nuclear Weapons Could Fall Into Wrong HandsPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that nuclear weapons could fall into the wrong hands of a "murderous" regime if the international community lifts sanctions on Iran without ensuring the guaranteed end to uranium enrichment.
Expert: 'Biggest Nuclear Threat To The American People Might Well Be' RussiaDo Americans continue to fear the threat of nuclear attack from other nations, including Russia, or have such menaces taken a backseat to concerns regarding the weapons and methodologies of modern warfare?
Obama: 'Iran Will Never Develop Nuclear Weapons'Before speaking to members of the press regarding a potential government shutdown due to Senate infighting about the national budget, President Barack Obama began by discussing a phone conversation that he had with new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
Report: North Korea Learning To Create Own Crucial Nuclear PartsTwo American experts have gathered evidence that suggests North Korea scientists have developed the ability to produce their own sophisticated components for nuclear weapons.
Obama: US Prepared To Use Military Force To Secure Core Interests In Middle EastPresident Barack Obama believes a nuclear weapons agreement could be reached with Iran.