Report: Iran Says All Sides Agree To Nuclear DealIran's official state news agency is reporting that all six world powers and Iran have agreed to how to implement a nuclear deal struck in November and that it will start from Jan. 20.
Foreign Minister: Iran 'Committed' To Nuclear Deal Iran’s foreign minister said on Sunday that despite threats to pull out of negotiations with the U.S. and other world powers his country is “committed” to ongoing nuclear program negotiations.
Hagel: Military Strike Against Iran Still On The TableDefense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Friday that military force is still on the table if Iran moves forward with its nuclear program.
American Held Hostage For 444 Days In Iran Calls Nuke Deal 'Foolishness'A nuclear deal between the U.S., Iran and other world powers has been described as a trust-building step after decades of animosity that hopefully will lead to a more comprehensive deal down the road.
Obama: 'I've Done What I've Said' As PresidentResponding to his critics, President Barack Obama forcefully defended the weekend nuclear agreement with Iran, declaring that the United States "cannot close the door on diplomacy."
Report: Netanyahu 'Extremely Angry' With Obama Over Iran Nuke DealIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly “extremely angry” with President Barack Obama over the short-term nuclear deal western powers reached with Iran.
Cantor: Attitude Toward Iran Should Be 'Mistrust And Verify'House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is assailing the new nuclear deal with Iran, saying he believes it "bodes very, very ominously for the region and U.S. security."
Cornyn: Amazing What White House Will Do To Distract Attention From ObamcareRepublican lawmakers took to Twitter to question the historical agreement reached with Iran and six world powers.
Kerry Warns Congress That New Sanctions Against Iran Will Hurt DiplomacySecretary of State John Kerry warned Congress Wednesday against scuttling a historic opportunity for a nuclear pact with Iran by pressing ahead with new sanctions while international negotiators seek to prevent Tehran from being able to assemble an atomic weapons arsenal.
Netanyahu: Bad Nuclear Deal With Iran Could Lead To WarIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns a bad nuclear deal between western powers and Iran could lead to war.
Netanyahu: 'Iran Might Hit The Jackpot Here'Secretary of State John Kerry and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not see eye-to-eye over the proposed Iran nuclear deal that was eventually rejected by the Tehran regime.