5 Americans Killed In Afghanistan, Possibly By Friendly FireFive U.S. service members and one Afghan were killed in fighting in southern Afghanistan on Monday in what could have been a mistaken bombing by their own comrades.
Hagel: The US Will Be 'Living With Terrorism For Many Years'Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Wednesday it was not clear yet how many troops the U.S. will use to battle terrorists in Afghanistan in the coming two years, but he expressed some confidence that the Afghan forces will improve enough to secure and govern their own country.
Kremlin Claims Again That Putin Orders Troops Back From Eastern Ukraine BorderRussian President Vladimir Putin has ordered troops deployed in regions near Ukraine to return to their home bases, the Kremlin said Monday.
Ukraine Sends Elite Forces To OdessaGovernment is desperate to stop fighting between its troops and pro-Russian militia in its southern port city.
Protesters Seize New Building In Eastern UkrainePro-Russian militants stormed government buildings in Luhansk, one of the largest cities in eastern Ukraine.
Russian Foreign Minister: The West Is 'Blowing This Out Of Proportion'Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Thursday offered further assurances that his country was not on the verge of invading eastern Ukraine, telling reporters that Russian troops "will be returning to the place of their permanent quarters as soon as" military exercises close to the two nations' shared border wrapped up.
Obama's Belgian Stopover A Brussels Budget BusterSecuring the president's visits to the EU and NATO summits cost host country Belgium over $10 million.
Lone Person Awkwardly Slow-Claps at Conclusion of Obama Summit RemarksAt the conclusion of a joint news conference in the Netherlands with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, President Obama gestured and thanked the crowd as only a single person in the audience responded with a slow, awkward clap.
NATO Chief: Russian Aggression A Cold War 'Wake-Up Call' NATO's chief is calling Russia's advances in Ukraine the greatest threat to European security and stability since the end of the Cold War.
NATO Deploys Surveillance Planes To Ukraine BorderAWACS will fly over Poland and Romania to monitor the crisis in Ukraine.
Taliban Claims It Captured American War Dog In AfghanistanNATO says one of its dogs went missing in December during a mission.
Afghan President Rejects Pressure Over U.S. DealKarzai vows not to enter into any agreement that allows U.S. forces to stay in Afghanistan past the end of this year.
Kerry: US Will Strike Balance Between Surveillance Security And PrivacyU.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is vowing that a review into NSA surveillance activities will ultimately result in the "right" balance between security and privacy and says outrage over alleged espionage and eavesdropping should not disrupt key trade talks between Europe and the United States.
NATO Accused Of Killing Afghan CiviliansAfghan officials accused NATO of killing civilians in an airstrike that left at least 10 dead in the country's remote east, while the Taliban on Sunday staged a car bomb and gun attack outside an Afghan intelligence office, killing four soldiers and wounding more than 80 people.
General: 'Conditions Are Set' To Win War In AfghanistanThe No. 2 American commander in Afghanistan said Wednesday he believes the stage has been set for winning the war, but hard fighting lies ahead for Afghan forces now suffering heavy casualties.