Native American Group to Bring $9 Billion Lawsuit Against Cleveland IndiansThe Cleveland Indians have come under fire from a Native American group planning to file a $9 billion federal lawsuit against the Indians' "offensive" Chief Wahoo logo, according to CBS Cleveland.
Democratic Va. Senator Chap Petersen: Redskins Logo a 'Symbol of Unity'Democratic Va. State Senator Chap Petersen felt like he was "living in George Orwell land" when he learned of the trademark ruling against the Redskins name, he said of the decision prompting him to form the "Redskins Pride Caucus" to politically defend the name.
School Newspaper Refuses to Print 'Redskins'Though the academic year has come to an end, a racially charged controversy continues for a high school newspaper refusing to print 'Redskins'.
Top 5 Players in Redskins Name ControversyFor some, initiating the Redskins name controversy seems to be more of a birthright than for others. Here are the Top 5 players keeping the discussion alive.
Jon Stewart: 'Get a New Name Already, It’s the 21st Century' (Video)Jon Stewart ripped the Redskins and Dan Snyder for not changing the team's name, then blasted Thanksgiving and American history for celebrating the exploitation of Native Americans.
FedEx Stays Neutral in Debate Over Redskins Name The company most associated with the Washington Redskins is keeping its distance from the debate over the team's name in the aftermath of a trademark ruling that found the name to be "disparaging" to Native Americans.
Minnesota Congresswoman Pleads for Vikings Owner to Speak Out Against Redskins NameMinnesota Congresswoman Betty McCollum published a letter Thursday sent to Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, pleading for him to be the first NFL team owner to take a stand against the Redskins team name.
Md. Gov. Candidate: Redskins Name Ruling Should Offend Anyone Concerned About Free Speech Maryland Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan said canceling Redskins trademarks 'should offend anyone concerned about constitutional limits on government power and free speech.'
Redskins Trademark Attorney: 'We're Gonna Win Just Like We Did Last Time'It's the opinion of Redskins trademark attorney Bob Raskopf that the Redskins actually fared "better" in the most recent ruling cancelling their federal trademark protections, and when the appeal process is over, "we're gonna win just like we did last time."
Redskins Fan Cried in Car Over Trademark Ruling: 'We're Keeping the Indian Spirit Alive'The news of the Redskins losing their six federal trademarks came in fast and furious Wednesday, and was overwhelming to some, like one female Redskins fans who says she sat in her car and cried upon learning of the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board's ruling.
Oneida Nation: Taxpayers Can't Pay to Help Redskins Profit Off of 'Racial Slur'Taxpayer resources cannot be used to help private companies profit off the promotion of dictionary defined racial slurs, is the position of the Oneida Indian Nation in a press release issued in the wake of the ruling revoking the Redskins six federal trademarks.
Del. Holmes Norton: Handwriting 'Almost Indelibly on the Wall' for RedskinsCongresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton is celebrating the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's ruling Tuesday, canceling the Redskins' six federal trademark registrations (pending the appeal process), a decision reached over the name's "disparaging" nature.
Redskins: Trademark Ruling Has 'No Effect' on Team's Use of Name and LogoThe Washington Redskins have released a statement in response to Tuesday's ruling by the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board that it's cancelled, pending appeal from the team, the Redskins six federal trademarks, due to the team's "disparaging" name.
Harry Reid: 'Writing is on the Wall' for Redskins Name"The writing is on the wall" for the Washington Redskins to change their name, said U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in response to the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board cancelling six federal trademarks held by the team.
Reid Rejects Redskins Invite, Presses For ChangeSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he won't attend a Washington Redskins home game until the football team changes its name.