Egypt's Military-Backed Authorities Arrest Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme LeaderEgypt's military-backed authorities arrested the Muslim Brotherhood's supreme leader on Tuesday, dealing a serious blow to the embattled movement at a time when it is struggling to keep up street protests against the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi in the face of a harsh government crackdown.
Turkey Prime Minister Blames Israel For Toppling Of Egypt's MorsiTurkey’s prime minister is pointing the finger at Israel for the toppling of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood government.
Egyptian Gov't Authorizes Use Of Deadly Force As Muslim Brotherhood Calls For 'Day Of Rage'The Muslim Brotherhood called for nationwide marches after Friday prayers and a "day of rage" to denounce this week's unprecedented bloodshed.
Obama On Egypt: 'We Don't Take Sides'President Barack Obama is calling for an end to the violence in Egypt a day after 525 people were killed in protests across the country.
Egypt Says Diplomacy Has Failed To Resolve Crisis, Muslim Brotherhood To BlameEgypt's presidency said Wednesday that diplomatic efforts to peacefully resolve the standoff between the country's military-backed interim leadership and the Muslim Brotherhood have failed.
McCain: Egypt Descending Into Chaos Due To 'Lack Of American Leadership'Arizona Sen. John McCain believes the lack of leadership from the Obama administration helped to play a part in Egypt descending into chaos one year after holding democratically held elections.
'Egypt's Jon Stewart' Plans To Increase Jabs At Morsi, Islam Following InterrogationBassem Youssef, who is considered to be “Egypt’s Jon Stewart,” was interrogated by Egyptian government officials on Sunday after an arrest warrant was announced for charges that included insulting Islam and President Mohammed Morsi.
Morsi Aide: America Invented Holocaust 'Myth'An aide to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi claims that the Holocaust was a hoax.
Muslim Brotherhood: Obama Needs To 'Accept The Will Of The Arab People'Islamists in the Middle East are speaking out following President Barack Obama’s re-election Tuesday night.
Opinion: Bachmann’s Muslim Brotherhood Concerns In Obama Administration Shouldn't Be SilencedDon’t drop last week’s controversial headlines regarding U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann and four other GOP House members who said that President Barack Obama’s administration has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood so fast.
Judge Orders Va. Man Naturalized, Overturns USCIS's 'Sinister Conclusions' Of Muslim Brotherhood LinkA Virginia man will soon become a U.S. citizen after winning a federal lawsuit that overturned immigration authorities' rejection of his naturalization application.