Mayor Gray Touts Small Business Capital Improvement GrantsD.C.'s latest set of Small Business Capital Improvement grantees, announced last week, anticipate the creation of 200 new jobs, Mayor Vincent Gray said in his weekly radio address on All News 99.1.
Gray: Gateway D.C. Pavilion 'Sign of Things to Come' in East End of CityThe east end of Washington, D.C. has new life with the opening of the Gateway D.C. Pavilion at St. Elizabeths in Southeast, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said in his weekly radio address exclusive to All News 99.1.
Mayor Gray: End Restrictions on D.C. Spending Own Tax DollarsAs the government shutdown stretches into its 13th day, the District continues to stretch its reserve funds thin.
Mayor Gray: DC's Health Care Exchange Launch Among Most Successful in NationOn Tuesday, D.C. had "one of the most successful launches in the nation" for its health benefits exchange.
Gray Has Plans in Place For D.C. Government Shut DownA federal government shutdown is looming but the city government for the nation's capital insists it will be open for business as usual.
Mayor Gray: 'We Need Sensible Gun Control ... And We Need It Now'After Monday's shootings at the Washington Navy Yard in Southeast D.C., District Mayor Vincent Gray is calling for federal gun control.
Gray Defends 'Living Wage' Veto, Calls Bill a 'Job Killer'D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray made headlines this past week when he vetoed the controversial Large Retailer Accountability Act, but the mayor says he did his homework before making a decision.
Gray: Sequestration Has Been a Drag on DC's GrowthIn the seven months following the start of sequestration, 7,000 government jobs in the District disappeared, according to Mayor Vincent Gray.
Mayor Gray on School Buildings: 'Our Children Deserve Better'As children who attend the District's public schools head back to class this week, Mayor Vincent Gray is happy that the city can offer some of them brand new, modernized learning spaces.