Russian News Told Viewers Downed MH17 Flight Was Assassination Attempt Against PutinAn assassination attempt against Russian President Vladimir Putin. A desperate ploy to draw the West into the battle for Ukraine's east. A botched mission to commit mass murder against Russian citizens.
Ukraine Rebels Claim to Have Black Boxes, Moved Bodies to TrainsRebels have recovered the black boxes from downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and will hand them over to the International Civil Aviation Organization, a rebel leader said Sunday.
Malaysia Jet Crash Bodies Placed on Train Headed for Rebel-Held CityArmed rebels forced emergency workers to hand over all 196 bodies recovered from the Malaysia Airlines crash site and then had them loaded onto refrigerated train cars bound for a rebel-held city, Ukrainian officials said Sunday.
Obama: 'Too Early To Guess' Why Malaysian Airlines Flight Was Shot DownPresident Barack Obama has called for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine after Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile on Thursday killing all 298 people on board.
Separatist Rebels Claim They Have Recovered 'Most' Of Malaysia Airlines Plane's Black BoxesEmergency workers, police officers and even off-duty coal miners -- dressed in overalls and covered in soot -- searched Friday through wreckage and bodies scattered over a vast stretch of farmland after a Malaysia Airlines jet flying over eastern Ukraine was shot from the sky, killing 298 people.
Malaysia Airlines Jet Shot Down By Missile Near Ukraine-Russia BorderA Malaysia Airlines passenger plane carrying 298 people was shot down over eastern Ukraine on Thursday as it flew over the country, and both the government and the pro-Russia separatists fighting in the region denied any responsibility for downing the plane.
Timeline of Events in Malaysia Airlines Crash Over Ukraine (Live Blog)Timeline of Events in Malaysia Airlines Crash Over Ukraine (Live Blog)
Malaysia Airlines Jet Turns Back After Gear FailsMalaysia Airlines says a flight heading to India made an emergency landing in Kuala Lumpur after it was forced to turn back when its right landing gear malfunctioned.
Robotic Sub Searching For Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight Experiences Technical DifficultiesAs a robotic submarine dove into the ocean to look for the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner, angry Chinese relatives stormed out of a teleconference meeting Wednesday to protest the Malaysian government for not addressing them in person.
Search Area For Missing Malaysian Airlines Jet Too Deep For Robotic SubThe search area for the missing Malaysian jet has proved too deep for a robotic submarine which was hauled back to the surface of the Indian Ocean less than half way through its first seabed hunt for wreckage and the all-important black boxes, authorities said on Tuesday.
'We Haven't Had A Single Detection In 6 Days': Search Crews Sending Robotic Sub For Missing Malaysian Airlines JetSearch crews will send a robotic submarine deep into the Indian Ocean on Monday for the first time to try to determine whether underwater signals detected by sound-locating equipment are from the missing Malaysian plane's black boxes, the leader of the search effort said.