Malaysia Airlines Search: Chinese Satellite Captures Image Of Large Object In Indian Ocean
High-Tech GPS, Satellite Images, Binoculars Search For Flight 370From satellites to binoculars, the hardware being used in the search for the missing plane far off western Australia ranges from the sophisticated to the simple. Some of the equipment being used to look for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370:
Search For Possible Malaysia Airlines Wreckage Ends For Day Without SuccessFour military search planes were dispatched Thursday to try to determine whether two large objects bobbing in a remote part of the Indian Ocean were part of a possible debris field from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.
Obama: Finding Missing Plane A Top US Priority President Barack Obama says finding out what happened to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane is a top U.S. priority.
Physics Professor: 'There Is A Chance That We May Never Find The Wreckage'The plane must be somewhere. But the same can be said for Amelia Earhart's.
Search For Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight Expands To 7 Million Square MilesOfficials revealed a new timeline Monday suggesting the final voice transmission from the cockpit of the missing Malaysian plane may have occurred before any of its communications systems were disabled, adding more uncertainty about who aboard might have been to blame.
Neighbor: Co-Pilot Of Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight Went 'To The Mosque To Pray Quite Often'Australia took the lead Monday in searching for the missing Boeing 777 over the southern Indian Ocean as Malaysia appealed for radar data and search planes to help in the unprecedented hunt through a vast swath of Asia stretching northwest into Kazakhstan.
Disappearance Of Malaysia Airlines Flight Creates Legion Of Armchair SleuthsThere aren't supposed to be any mysteries in the Digital Age.