Chad Dukes vs. Lurch: Controversy Is BrewingLurch takes another potshot at Chad Dukes, who calls in to defend himself.
Lurch, a good dad, gets photo with Niall Horan for his daughtersLurch actually stuck around for over an hour after the show, for his daughters.
The Junkies' Lurch Ties Puppies in CFB PicksThe Junkies' Lurch went 3-2 in his college football picks this weekend, as did a pair of young puppies.
Lurch Unleashes Epic Rant After Losing Streak Picking College Football ContinuesLurch unleashed an epic rant on The Junkies Monday morning, after his record picking college football games this season slid to 8-22 over the weekend.
UPDATE: Lurch Makes Fun of Kirk Cousins' ‘Awful, Scruffy Little’ ... Foster DogJason 'Lurch' Bishop of the Sports Junkies was letting his dog roam free at a dog park in Leesburg Friday, when he says he was introduced to the "awful little white, scruffy little oversized rat dog" belonging to Redskins QB Kirk Cousins.
Lurch Does Play-by-Play of Tiger's Tee Shot in Low 'Golf Tone' (Audio)With the Junkies broadcasting from Quicken Loans National, Lurch took a spot overlooking the 10th hole to hilariously call Tiger Woods' tee shot in a low, "golf tone."
Lurch Training Dog in German, Is Begging for Hand-me-down CratesIn a series of updates which have gone overlooked, Lurch is considering training his dog in German, and has been begging for free dog crates because he's nubbity nubbs.
Poll: Should Lurch Let His Dog Pee in his Neighbors' Yard?Surely by now you've heard there's some controversy about town. Should Lurch let his dog pee in his neighbors' yard?