Libya Releases 4 U.S. PersonnelThe 4 Americans were taken into Libyan custody at a security checkpoint near the town of Sabratha.
CIA: Benghazi Team Clash Led To 'Stand Down' ReportCIA officers revealed a clash over how quickly they should go help the besieged U.S. ambassador during the 2012 attack on an outpost in Libya, and a standing order for them to avoid violent encounters, according to a congressman and others who heard their private congressional testimony or were briefed on it.
CBS News: American Teacher At International School In Benghazi KilledAn American teacher at an international school in Benghazi, Libya was shot Thursday, CBS News reports.
Al-Qaida Spokesman Accuses US Of Kidnapping, 'Crimes Of Piracy'Al-Qaida's American spokesman says the U.S.'s kidnapping of an al-Qaida suspect from Libya is a crime of piracy, urging Libyans to attack U.S. interests everywhere.
Graham Refuses To Allow Obama Nominees Without Benghazi AnswersA Republican senator isn't backing down from blocking President Barack Obama's nominees for Federal Reserve chairman and homeland security secretary in a long-running dispute over the deadly attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya.
AP: Is Rand Paul The Next Generation-Defining Senator On American Foreign Policy?In just half a term, the Kentucky Republican has shaken up Congress and in some ways the country with his brand of libertarian populism, filibustering President Barack Obama's CIA director earlier this year and leading the fight against authorizing U.S. military action in Syria.
Graham Threatens to Block All Nominations Without Benghazi AnswersSen. Lindsey Graham is threatening to hold up all nominations for federal government positions until survivors of last year's deadly attack on the diplomatic post in Libya appear before Congress.
Bengazi Witness: 'We're Here To Kill Americans'A security guard who witnessed last year's attack against a U.S. diplomatic team is speaking publicly for the first time to CBS '60 Minutes.'
Libyan Arrives In US To Face Terrorism Charges After a weeklong interrogation aboard a U.S. warship, a Libyan al-Qaida suspect is now in New York awaiting trial on terrorism charges, U.S. officials said Monday.
Libyan PM Ali Zidan Kidnapped By Gunmen In TripoliLibyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan was snatched by gunmen before dawn Thursday from a Tripoli hotel where he resides, the government said.
Sec. Kerry Says 'Terrorists Can Run, But They Can't Hide'After two U.S. military raids against militants in north Africa, U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the raids send the message that terrorists "can run but they can't hide."
Explosion In Benghazi On Anniversary Of 9/11 Attack On U.S. ConsulateSecurity officials in Libya say an explosion caused serious damage to Libya's Foreign Ministry building in Benghazi early Wednesday morning.
Post-Benghazi, Obama Remains Cautious With EmbassiesPresident Barack Obama seems determined to make sure he doesn't have another Benghazi.
Biden Meets With Lawmakers On Improving US Embassy SecurityVice President Joe Biden has met with top lawmakers to discuss security for American embassies and diplomats.
Hillary Clinton Does Not Address Benghazi Criticism, State Dept. Misconduct Report Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday she will focus much of her attention on issues promoting early childhood development, women and children and economic issues as part of the foundation created by her husband, former President Bill Clinton.