Redskins' Doug Williams: Kirk Cousins Is 'A Free Agent'Doug Williams quells franchise tag speculation, says Kirk Cousins is a "free agent, for sure."
Where Will Kirk Cousins Play Next Season?Many teams, including the Jets, Vikings and Broncos, have shown interest in Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins.
SNIDER: Redskins' Cousins Looking GoldenWorth the wait, Kirk Cousins about to be on receiving end of bidding war intensifying by the day.
Jets Willing to Pay Kirk Cousins 'Whatever It Takes'Jets boldly throw their name into Kirk Cousins sweepstakes, and they've got DEEP pockets.
Don't Count Dallas Out Of Kirk Cousins SweepstakesDon't count the Cowboys out as contenders for Kirk Cousins, Mike Florio says.
Cousins' Camp May File Grievance if Redskins Use TagThe Redskins are threatening to use a franchise tag on Kirk Cousins in order to choose his destination. His camp is threatening to complain.
Ross Tucker Raves About Alex Smith TradeRedskins pulled off a feat that takes some teams decades, Tuckers says.
Andy Benoit: Alex Smith Era Will Go 'Very Badly' in WashingtonWhy NFL analyst Andy Benoit projects a grim outlook for the Redskins and Alex Smith.
Toying With Cousins Could Cost Redskins Alex SmithRedskins' hubris with Cousins could wind up costing them Alex Smith, Florio warns.
SNYDER: Yes, By All Means, Please Tag Kirk Cousins AgainPlease tag Cousins again, because Bruce and Dan don't yet look as foolish as possible...
Well, It's Time to Clear Out Old Quarterback MerchandiseCurious what your RG3 jersey or "You Like That" shirt are worth now? Well, you can't put a price on memories.