Kerry Fined $50 For Failing To Shovel Snow Outside Boston MansionJohn Kerry has many titles — secretary of state, former senator, one-time Democratic candidate for president.
US, China Vow To Manage Rifts Ahead Of Obama VisitThe U.S. and China pledged Saturday to overcome mistrust, manage their differences and cooperate on key issues like combatting terrorism and the spread of the Ebola virus as President Barack Obama prepares to travel to the Chinese capital next month.
House Grudgingly Approves Arms For Syrian RebelsLegislation gives President Obama the authority to train and arm Syrian rebels for fight against Islamic State militants.
Ukraine Rebels Claim to Have Black Boxes, Moved Bodies to TrainsRebels have recovered the black boxes from downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and will hand them over to the International Civil Aviation Organization, a rebel leader said Sunday.
Obama: GOP Failed At 'Darn' Bill, Plans To Take Executive Action On ImmigrationPresident Barack Obama announced that he will bypass Congress and take steps on his own to make the necessary changes to the immigration policy.
House Intel Committee Chair: ISIS 'Talks About' Expanding Into IsraelThe House Intelligence Committee chairman warns that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria are looking to expand its territory across the Middle East, including Israel.
Putin: Russia Has Pulled Back Its Troops From Ukrainian BorderRussian President Vladimir Putin says Russia has pulled back its troops from the eastern Ukrainian border.
Ukraine Prime Minister: Russia 'Wants To Start World War Three'Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the West on Friday of plotting to control Ukraine and said the pro-Russian insurgents in the southeast would lay down their arms only if the Ukrainian government clears out the Maidan protest camp in the capital Kiev.
Kerry Warns Russia Against Annexing Ukraine's CrimeaU.S. and Europe are threatening economic and political consequences if Russia does not stand down in Ukraine.
After First Year, John Kerry Has Lower Approval Rating Than Most Recent Secretaries Of State55 percent of Americans give the secretary of state a favorable rating.
Kerry To Meet Palestinian President In Paris To Discuss Peace AccordU.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Paris this week to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to continue his push for an outline for an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord.
Kerry Visits UAE, Accuses Assad Of Stonewalling Syria TalksU.S. Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Abu Dhabi Monday for discussions with Emirati officials on the deteriorating situation in Syria, nuclear talks with Iran and the Middle East peace process.
Kerry: Syria's Assad A 'One-Man Super-Magnet For Terrorism'U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is ramping up criticism of Syrian President Bashar Assad, calling him a "one-man super-magnet for terrorism" who could be responsible for the disintegration of Syria.
Kerry Says Assad Has Lost 'Legitimacy' To Govern SyriaAt the start of Syrian peace talks, Secretary of State Kerry promises Syria a future without Bashar Assad.
Kerry: Mideast Peace Deal 'Is Not Mission Impossible'Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasted his Palestinian partner in peace-making efforts on Thursday, accusing him of embracing terrorists "as heroes," harsh words that clouded the start of Secretary of State John Kerry's tenth trip to the region to negotiate a peace deal he claims is "not mission impossible."