Joe Theismann: Haynesworth is Still in DenialThe fallout from Albert Haynesworth's 'Letter to My Younger Self' continues, as legendary NFL QB and analyst Joe Theismann rebuked the DL.
Theismann Questions Credibility of Writer Who Ranked RG3 Behind Mariota, WinstonJoe Theismann questions credibility of the writer who ranked RG3 behind Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston.
Theismann: This Is Biggest Year Of RG3's LifeFormer Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann assesses the team's options at quarterback, calling 2015 a pivotal season for Robert Griffin III.
Joe Theismann Heaps Mountains of Praise on Jay Gruden for Handling of Redskins OffseasonJoe Theismann is loving the offseason the Redskins are having with Jay Gruden, and loves that RG3's already been named starting QB for 2015.
Joe Theismann: Redskins Need to Trade Kirk CousinsJoe Theismann still believes Kirk Cousins will be a good NFL quarterback, but says the Redskins will be forced to trade him this offseason.
Joe Theismann Thinks Redskins Need to Give RG3 'Another Year'Forget about the draft picks you gave up to acquire Robert Griffin III -- that's in the past -- Joe Theismann says, "I think you have to give him another year."
Chris Simms and Joe Theismann Plead for RGIII to Protect His BodyJoe Theismann and Chris Simms, two quarterbacks who suffered career-ending injuries, plead for RGIII to protect his body better.
Joe Theismann: 'It's Mr. Snyder's Choice' if Redskins Name StaysAs voices from both sides of the Redskins name controversy weigh in on the sudden ruling cancelling the team's six federally protected trademarks Wednesday, Joe Theismann asserts it's Daniel Snyder's choice if the name stays or goes.
Theismann Honored, Saddened To Still Be Redskins All-Time Passing LeaderJoe Theismann is both honored and a little saddened that he still has amassed more passing yards than any other Washington Redskins quarterback in history.
Theismann Predicts 'Interesting' Year For Resurgent RGIII, RedskinsJoe Theismann said RGIII should make the most out of his second chance at his second year in the NFL.
Theismann: Jay Gruden's Not Polished, But Ability Is ThereRedskins great Joe Theismann, who owned the UFL football team for which Jay Gruden previously coached, says the new Redskins head coach has his own style, and he's not polished, but neither is RGIII, and they'll grow together.
Theismann Doesn't Think Shanahan Should be FiredJoe Theismann is one of the few former Redskins still with close ties to the organization who believes Mike Shanahan should still be the head coach in 2014, or at least who's been vocal about it.
Gibbs, Theismann, Wilbon and James Brown on Redskins Name DebateWNEW's Cameron Thompson spoke to a number of luminaries at a recent charity event. Among the things discussed was the Redskins name change debate. Here are the comments from Joe Gibbs, Joe Theismann, Mike Wilbon and James 'JB' Brown on the issue.
Joe Theismann's Advice for Johnny Manziel: Don't Be YourselfJoe Theismann, who historically changed the pronunciation of his last name to garner more Heisman Trophy votes, had some advice for the NCAA's most recent recipient of the award. In short, his words suggest a character change for Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel.
Theismann Disputes Schefter Report That RGIII Won't Play in PreseasonThe guessing game about when RGIII will return is beginning to resemble Lebron James' pre-"The Decision." Adam Schefter reported it would be a "major surprise" if Griffin played in the preseason at all, but Joe Theismann disagrees, and has good reason to...