Jeb Bush Tries To Clarify Comments On Authorizing Iraq WarJeb Bush says he would have made a different decision than his brother on invading Iraq if he had known about flaws in intelligence reports. But the likely GOP presidential candidate won't say what that decision would have been.
US Marine Goes To Trial A Decade After Vanishing In IraqThe trial was set to begin Monday at Camp Lejeune for a Marine who vanished in Iraq a decade ago and then wound up in Lebanon.
Brian Williams Taking Himself Off NBC Evening Newscast TemporarilyBrian Williams is taking himself off the NBC Nightly News after making invalid statements about the helicopter he was in during the Iraq War.
Iraq Finance Minister: War With ISIS Hurting EconomyPlunging oil prices and soaring costs from Iraq's war against the Islamic State group is hurting Iraq's economy and will prompt government spending cuts, including in defense, the country's finance minister said Wednesday.
Bush Says He Was Surprised Saddam Hussein 'Didn't Believe' US Would InvadePresident George W. Bush says he was surprised to learn that Saddam Hussein didn’t believe the former U.S. president would take military action against in 2003.
House Veterans In Both Parties Divided On Arming Syrian RebelsThe effort to train and arm Syrian rebels proved a tough sell with many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans now serving in the House. Wariness among veterans crossed party lines as Republicans Democrats alike said they feared weapons and training would one day be used against Americans instead of against militants seeking an Islamic state.
Dem Rep: If McCain Was In Charge US Would Be 'In Seven Different Wars Right Now'Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, said that ISIS is a regional threat and expressed concern that congressional members like Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., would use the Islamic militant group “as an excuse” to send ground troops to Iraq and Syria.
Marine Accused of Desertion Back in US Custody A Marine corporal who was declared a deserter nearly 10 years ago after disappearing in Iraq under mysterious circumstances is back in military custody and will face charges to be determined by a two-star general.
Poll: 75 Percent Of Americans Say Iraq War Wasn't Worth The CostsOnly 18 percent of Americans say the result of the U.S. war in Iraq was worth the loss of American lives or financial costs, with three-quarters (75 percent) of Americans saying the war wasn’t worth it at all – the lowest polling percentage to date.
Islamic Militants Push Into Iraq's HeartlandFearing in increase in violence, 500,000 Iraqis have fled their homes in Iraq's second city Mosul after Jihadist militants took control.
Iraq War Vet in Congress Opposes Syria StrikeOne of the two female Iraq war veterans in Congress said Monday she opposes President Barack Obama's push for punitive military strikes against Syria.