Va. Insured May Have Temporary Pardon Available Virginia regulators say policyholders who face possible cancellation of their insurance under the new health care law may have a temporary reprieve available to them.
Sebelius: 'Relatively Small Number Of People' Wanted To Keep Canceled Health PlansPresident Barack Obama's top health care official said Friday that the number of people wanting to keep insurance policies that were canceled because of the federal health overhaul is small, but they have valid concerns that the administration is addressing.
Gap In Those Who Do, Do Not Support ACA Is 'Largest Gallup Has Measured'A recent Gallup poll indicates that only 40 percent of people throughout the United States approve of President Barack Obama's signature healthcare reform law, known also as Obamacare.
Report: Twitter Suspends Account Critical Of ObamacareTwitter is coming under fire from conservative groups for reportedly cancelling an account of people showing their insurance cancellation letters.
President Obama Promotes Health Exchanges Ahead Of Kickoff President Barack Obama is promoting the benefits of his health care law before new insurance exchanges open for business next week.
GOP Warns Americans Of Health Care 'Sticker Shock' Republicans are using their weekly radio and Internet address to focus on health insurance costs under President Barack Obama's health overhaul.
D.C. Drivers Get in More Accidents Than Drivers in Any Other Large CityD.C. drivers are about 109 percent more likely to get into an auto collision than drivers in the country's other largest cities.
Health Reform Rollout: Today – 2018
Glossary Of Insurance Terms
Sebelius: Call It 'Obamacare' If That Helps Uninsured Sign UpJust eight weeks remain before uninsured Americans can start shopping online for subsidized health insurance under the president's overhaul.
Guaranteed Coverage For People With Pre-Existing Health ConditionsHealth insurance companies can no longer deny or limit coverage for individuals with pre-existing health conditions.
The New Patient's Bill Of RightsThe new Patient's Bill of Rights protects many basic rights of Americans when it comes to personal health care and dealing with insurance companies.
Low Or No Cost Health Care Options For People With Low IncomesSeveral health coverage and care options are now available for individuals and families in lower income brackets.
Tips For Choosing Health Insurance
Influx Of Newly Insured Patients Under 'Obamacare' Threatens To Crush Ariz. Health Care SystemArizona's chronic shortage of primary care physicians is likely to get worse when hundreds of thousands of new patients begin to seek out medical care under the federal health care overhaul.