Rubio Understands Americans Frustration With ImmigrantsLooking to connect with the conservative base of his Republican Party, Sen. Marco Rubio says he is sympathetic to Americans who "feel as if we are being taken advantage of" by immigrants in the United States illegally.
Unions Reaching Out To Immigrants Affected By Obama's Executive ActionUnions across the U.S. are reaching out to immigrants affected by President Barack Obama's recent executive action, hoping to expand their dwindling ranks by recruiting millions of workers who entered the U.S. illegally.
Federal Judge Rejects Arpaio's Lawsuit To Halt Obama's Immigration PlanRefusing to rule on the merits of the case, a federal judge has rejected an Arizona sheriff's lawsuit seeking to halt President Barack Obama's plan to spare nearly 5 million people from deportation.
Homeland Security Using GPS Ankle Bracelets To Track Immigrant Families Released Into USThe Homeland Security Department is experimenting with a new way to track immigrant families caught crossing the border illegally and then released into the U.S.: GPS-enabled ankle bracelets.
Top Ten Stories Of 2014The disappearance of a plane carrying hundreds, the fall of an iconic comedian, and the rise of a brutal terror group are just some of the biggest news stories of the year. Here are CBS Local's top ten news stories of 2014.
Arpaio Lawyer To Try To Convince Obama-Nominated Judge To Halt President's Immigration OrderA gadfly attorney and an Arizona county sheriff want to halt President Barack Obama's immigration order in the first courtroom battle over an initiative designed to spare nearly 5 million people from deportation.
US Judge Says Obama Immigration Action InvalidA federal judge in Pittsburgh is declaring that President Barack Obama's recent executive actions on immigration are unconstitutional.
Senate Confirms Obama Immigration NomineeA divided Senate has confirmed President Barack Obama's pick to head the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.
Bachmann: Obama's Immigration Actions Will Allow Dems To 'Win Every Presidential Contest From Here On Out'Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., believes President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration will allow Democrats to win every future presidential contest.
Obama Administration Urging Dismissal Of Arpaio's Lawsuit That Would Dismantle President's Immigration ProgramThe Obama administration is urging dismissal of a lawsuit that would dismantle the president's immigration program, an initiative designed to spare nearly 5 million people in the U.S. illegally from deportation.
Brewer Asks Supreme Court To Delay Decision Blocking Denial Of Driver's Licenses To Young ImmigrantsArizona Gov. Jan Brewer asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday to temporarily put on hold a lower court's decision blocking her denial of driver's licenses to young immigrants now avoiding deportation under an Obama administration policy.
Palin Warns Republicans They Will 'Face America's Wrath' For Not Defunding Obama's Immigration PlanFormer Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is slamming her own party, warning Republicans they will “face America’s wrath” in the next election for not defunding President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration in the latest spending bill.
Obama Jokes That Some Republicans Are 'Pretty Sure' He's An Illegal ImmigrantPresident Barack Obama on Tuesday tried to reassure immigrants that if they register under his new executive action they won't be a priority for deportation in the future, while acknowledging another president could undo it all.
Immigrants In Limbo Over Obama Immigrant RulesThe Obama administration is trying to deport some of the immigrants it says should be allowed to stay in the country.
Judge Accused White House Of Participating In Criminal Conspiracies To Smuggle Children Into USThe federal judge assigned to rule in the lawsuit over President Barack Obama's changes to immigration rules last year accused the Obama administration of participating in criminal conspiracies to smuggle children into the country by reuniting them with parents living here illegally.