CBS News: Report Reveals White House Warned 6 Months In Advance About Obamacare Website ProblemsA consultant’s report released by congressional investigators shows that the Obama administration had a six-month warning about problems with before its Oct. 1 launch.
Poll: 56 Percent Of Americans Feel Heath Care Isn't Government's ResponsibilityA new study shows that a majority of people in the United States feel that the government should not be responsible for ensuring health care for all Americans.
Obama Struggles To Save His Cherished Health LawPresident Barack Obama's health care law risks coming unglued because of his administration's bungles and his own inflated promises.
Health Analyst: Botched Website Pales In Comparison To Americans' 'Loss Of Faith And Trust' In ObamaWhat has the backlash surrounding health insurance policy cancellations under the Affordable Care Act meant for the law itself, as well as for the legacy of President Barack Obama?
White House: 106,185 Have Enrolled So Far In ObamacareThe White House released a report containing long-anticipated specifics regarding the amount of people that enrolled in medical coverage through, the online marketplace component of the Affordable Care Act.
Dating Website Releases 'Screwed By Obamacare' Insurance VideoAn online dating site called Seeking Arrangement posted a video to its official YouTube channel that takes on the Affordable Care Act by boasting that it has "a solution to your 'Obama-drama.'"
CBS News:'s Chief Project Manager Didn't Know Of 'Limitless' Security RisksThe chief project manager for testified before congressional investigators behind closed doors that he was not told about security failures to the Obamacare website prior to the Oct. 1 launch.
5 Ways To Buy Health Insurance Without A Government ExchangeIf you are not assured by promises of a highly secure government exchange to buy health insurance, skip it.
Documents Reveal Obamacare Website Couldn't Handle More Than 1,100 Users Day Before LaunchDocuments released by the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee show that a test on a day before its Oct. 1 launch revealed that the website could not handle more than 1,100 simultaneous users.
White House Rejects Idea To Extend Obamacare Enrollment DeadlineSenators from President Barack Obama's own party pressed him in person on Wednesday to extend the enrollment deadline for Americans to sign up for health insurance because of the malfunctioning website.
White House Won't Say If It Will Support Legislation For People Who Want To Keep Health PlanA senior government official declined to say Tuesday if the administration will support legislation to fulfill President Barack Obama's oft-stated promise that anyone who likes their health care plan will be able to keep it under the nation's new law.
CBS News: Health Care Adviser Warned White House In 2010 Memo Administration Was Losing Control Of ObamacareA memo obtained by CBS News reveals that a top health care adviser for President Barack Obama warned the administration in 2010 that they were losing control of Obamacare.
Ayotte: We Need to 'Take a Complete Time Out' on 'Obamacare' ImplementationA moderate Republican senator is calling for a "time out" in the implementation of President Barack Obama's new health care program.
State Insurance Websites Are Costing Federal Taxpayers $1 BillionA CBS News analysis shows that the 15 states that opted to set up their own exchanges are spending more than $1.1 billion to launch and implement their own websites, often paying the same government contractors to do the same job in different states.
Poll: U.S. Sentiments On Obamacare Have Changed Little, Despite Site GlitchesA recent Gallup Poll indicates that the feelings of people throughout the United States on the Affordable Care Act have not changed much, despite the technical issues that have plagued the online marketplace associated with the law since its Oct. 1 launch.