Clinton: Bill And I Not Like The 'Truly Well Off'Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded to questions about growing U.S. income equality by saying that she and former President Bill Clinton are not like the “truly well off.”
Clinton: Matt Drudge, Karl Rove Planting 'False Information'Former secretary of state and potential 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ridiculed Matt Drudge and Karl Rove as “gamers” simply looking to “divert attention” from real issues facing Americans.
Clinton: I'm Surprised By Effectiveness Of Islamic Militants Capturing Iraqi CitiesHillary Clinton says what's happening in Iraq is "a dreadful, deteriorating situation" and she's surprised by the effectiveness of the al Qaeda-inspired group that has captured major cities there.
Clinton: 'Dead Broke' Comment Was Not 'Artful'Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she should have worded her “dead broke” comment a little better during a public discussion with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Wednesday to promote her new book "Hard Choices."
Clinton: I 'Fully Appreciate How Hard Life Is For So Many Americans'Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that she and former President Bill Clinton "fully appreciate how hard life is for so many Americans," seeking to refine remarks she made about the pair being "dead broke" when they left the White House.
Hillary Clinton To Make a Local Stop On Book Signing TourHillary Rodham Clinton will visit at least one local store for a book signing as part of her tour to promote her new memoir, "Hard Choices."
Clinton: I Refused Obama Campaign Request In 2008 To Attack PalinHillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday she refused an Obama campaign request in 2008 to attack Sarah Palin, the new Republican vice presidential candidate on the ticket with Sen. John McCain.
Clinton: Family Left White House 'Not Only Dead Broke, But In Debt' Hillary Clinton defended the millions of dollars collected by her and husband, former President Bill Clinton, citing the family’s need to pay off hefty taxes, legal fees and multiple mortgages since leaving the White House.