Tips for Your Next Road TripGoing on a road trip? Here's a list of great tips to make your outing that much better.
High-Tech GPS, Satellite Images, Binoculars Search For Flight 370From satellites to binoculars, the hardware being used in the search for the missing plane far off western Australia ranges from the sophisticated to the simple. Some of the equipment being used to look for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370:
Smithsonian Navigates History from Galileo to GPSIn the age of hand-held GPS devices, navigating by the stars may seem quaint and irrelevant. So it may come as a surprise that it took hundreds of years to develop the tools needed to find our way across oceans, through the air and into deep space.
Defendant in Drug Case Retrial Rips Up IndictmentA D.C. nightclub owner being retried on a drug conspiracy charge dramatically tore up a copy of his indictment at the beginning of his new trial.
Retrial Begins in D.C. GPS Tracking Case Jury selection is beginning in the case of a D.C. nightclub owner being retried on a drug conspiracy charge after the U.S. Supreme Court reversed his conviction.
Make the World a Video Game With Widely Popular GeocachingReady for the realest video game you've ever played? It’s called Geocaching. And it’s about as close to reality as games are going to get.
Best Ways To Save During The Holiday Sales RushThe race is on to be first in line for this year's best deals on holiday gifts: Black Friday is almost here. Every year, the stores open earlier in the wee hours of the morning, some even open at midnight after Thanksgiving Day, while other stores start the Black Friday sales on Turkey Day itself. If you're going to get up that early (on a day off, no less), it is important to be prepared.
Judge Orders GPS Monitoring For 'Joker'A judge has ordered GPS monitoring for a Maryland man accused of calling himself a "joker" while phoning in a threat to his workplace.
FBI Chief Describes GPS Problems Created By Supreme Court RulingA recent Supreme Court ruling that bars police from installing GPS technology to track suspects without first getting authorization for a judge is creating problems for the FBI.
High Court: Warrant Needed For GPS TrackingTracking suspects just got a little tougher for law enforcement. Police officers nationwide, must now obtain a warrant to utilize GPS technology for pursuing potential criminals.