Maryland Delegation Votes 7-1 to End Shutdown The only member of Maryland's congressional delegation to vote against raising the nation's borrowing limit says he couldn't support the measure because it doesn't do anything to reduce the budget deficit this year or deficits in future years.
Investors Warn Of Pullback Despite Debt Ceiling DealThe Dow drops more than 100 points shortly after the opening bell despite Congress reaching an 11th-hour debt ceiling deal.
Panda Cam Returns as D.C. Memorials, Museums Reopen After ShutdownMonuments and museums in Washington are reopening Thursday after President Obama signed a bill late Wednesday to end the government shutdown and push back the debt ceiling.
Federal Budget Deal Includes D.C. Spending Victory The deal to end the federal government shutdown includes a victory for the District of Columbia government.
Cruz: 'Imagine A Different World If All 46 Senate Republicans Had Stood Together'Fool's errand or heroic stand? The bipartisan compromise on Wednesday to avoid a financial default and end a 16-day partial government shutdown cast a spotlight on Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah, who had precipitated the crises with their demand that President Barack Obama gut his 3-year-old health care law.
Senate and House Approve Deal to Fund Government, Raise Debt CeilingSixteen days into the government shutdown, the Senate and House voted Wednesday evening to end the fiscal stalemate.
Carney: 'Flirtation' With Debt Ceiling Harmful To US, World EconomyCarney stated that the shutdown and debt ceiling deadline fighting are bad for the US and world economy, and the effect of “flirtation” with the debt ceiling and default is “harmful to the American people in all cases.”
Obama on 'Coolest' Job Perk: Anybody in the World Will Answer My CallAmid a government shutdown, looming US default and partisan bickering in Congress, President Obama was still able to focus on one of the more positive, “cool” things about his job.
Buffett Says Allowing U.S. Default Would Be 'Act of Idiocy' Billionaire Warren Buffett says it would be idiocy for the nation's leaders to allow the United States to default on its bills.
Political Leaders from D.C., Md., and Va. to Talk Shutdown EffectsDistrict of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray is meeting with local government leaders from Maryland and Virginia to talk about the wide-ranging effects of the federal government shutdown.
Greenspan: Debt Fight is 'Shock to the System'Alan Greenspan tells CBS News Congress is jeopardizing trust in the American economy, and in the U.S. dollar.
Some Furloughed Workers Recalled To DutyThousands of federal employees changed from nonessential to essential at some point over the course of the partial government shutdown.
House Vote Called Off to Reopen Government, Avert DefaultA vote that would reopen the government and extend the U.S. borrowing limit will not come up for a House vote.
Pre-Shutdown Rule Change Prevents House Members From Calling Vote on Clean CRA video posted on Representative Chris Van Hollen's (D-Md.) YouTube account Oct. 12 has gone viral as the government shutdown and Congressional impasse continues. Entitled "The GOP's little rule change they hoped you wouldn't notice," the video features Van Hollen, who represents Maryland's 8th District discussing a House Rules Committee change that was put in place on Sept. 30.
Army Ten-Miler, Marine Corps Marathon May Be Affected by ShutdownThe federal government shutdown's latest potential victims? Those registered to run in the Army Ten-Miler, scheduled for Oct. 20, and the Marine Corps Marathon, scheduled for Oct. 27.