Christie Defends Indiana Governor On Religious Objection LawGov. Chris Christie has broken with some other potential 2016 Republican presidential contenders over an Indiana law that gives heightened protections to businesses or people objecting to providing certain services on religious grounds.
Big-Money GOP Donors From Iowa Who Tried To Draft Christie In 2012 Aren't As Eager To Support Him NowThis time around, Christie's White House ambitions no longer appear to be an issue. But those once-eager Iowans aren't as keen to throw their support his way.
Likely Candidates Ride Bumpy Learning Curve For 2016 RaceIf you're an aspiring presidential candidate, says professional crisis manager Eric Dezenhall, right now is "a great time to take a pratfall because it's so far away from anything major."
Christie To Reporters: 'Is There Something You Don't Understand About, 'No Questions'?'New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie canceled planned availabilities Tuesday with reporters in London after his comments on vaccinations sparked a political flap at home.
Larry Hogan Sworn in as Maryland's 62nd GovernorGov. Larry Hogan was sworn in as Maryland's 62nd governor Wednesday, pledging to be a fiscally responsible leader who will work to create jobs by making Maryland more attractive to businesses.
Christie: Obama 'Made A Mistake By Not Being Assertive' During Sony CyberattackWhether it was Sony's decision to cancel the release of a movie in the face of hackers' threats, Cuba's refusal to extradite a woman found guilty of killing a state trooper or pot laws that appear to be in conflict, Gov. Chris Christie repeatedly pointed his finger at one person Monday night: President Barack Obama.
Cuba: Asylum For Fugitives Is Legitimate RightCuba said Monday that it has a right to grant asylum to U.S. fugitives, the clearest sign to date that the communist government has no intention of extraditing America's most-wanted woman despite the warming of bilateral relations.
Christie: Obama 'Teased Me' About Being Cowboys FanGov. Chris Christie says even President Barack Obama razzed him for rooting for the Dallas Cowboys at their game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night.
GOP Govs Starting To Strut Their Stuff For 2016A half-dozen potential Republican presidential contenders spent last week coaxing would-be supporters at a Florida resort.
Sen. Rand Paul Mocks 'Hillary's Losers' On FacebookSen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is mocking Democratic Senate candidates who lost in Tuesday's midterm elections by calling them "Hillary's losers."
Christie Faces First Major Test Of His National Electoral MightNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie won't be on the ballot Tuesday, but he'll face the first major test of his national electoral might as voters head to the polls in nearly a dozen competitive governors' races.