Republicans Divided Over Climate Change As Antarctica Rises And MeltsAntarctic ice can be up to 2.6 miles thick, yet researchers say that the continent of Antarctica is rising unusually fast due to climate change.
Studies: Wildfires Worse Due To Global WarmingScientists say the devastating wildfires scorching Southern California offer a glimpse of a warmer and fierier future.
Federal Report: Global Warming Disrupts Americans' LivesMost Americans are already feeling man-made global warming, from heat waves to wild storms to longer allergy seasons. And it is likely to get worse and more expensive, says a new federal report that is heating up political debate along with the temperature.
Report Uses Phrase 'Climate Disruption' As Another Way To Say Global WarmingGlobal warming is rapidly turning America the beautiful into America the stormy, sneezy and dangerous, according to a new federal scientific report. And those shining seas? Rising and costly, the report says.
Study: Arctic 8 Percent Darker, Causing Entire Earth To Absorb More HeatThe Arctic isn't nearly as bright and white as it used to be because of more ice melting in the ocean, and that's turning out to be a global problem.
Obama: US Must Debate Use Of WaterWarning that weather-related disasters will only get worse, President Barack Obama said Friday the U.S. must rethink the way it uses water as he announced new federal aid to help drought-stricken California.
Researchers: Global Warming May Make Most Cities Too Warm For Winter GamesClimate researchers have learned that global warming could threaten the potential for most cities to reasonably host the Winter Olympics in the future due to unfavorable weather conditions.
NOAA: World In 2013 Was 4th Hottest On RecordThe average world temperature was 58.12 degrees, tying with 2003 for the fourth warmest since 1880.
White House: Extreme Cold Doesn't Disprove Global WarmingA new video released by the White House states that the extreme cold dominating much of the U.S. this week doesn’t disprove global warming.
Obama Pushes More Oil Production To Clean Up CoalAmerica's newest, most expensive coal-fired power plant is hailed as one of the cleanest on the planet, thanks to government-backed technology that removes carbon dioxide and keeps it out of the atmosphere.
Santa Warns In Greenpeace Video Christmas Will Be Canceled Due To Global WarmingGreenpeace is warning children the world over Santa Claus might not be bringing gifts to them because of global warming.
White House: 'Climate Impacts Are Really Local'When it comes to climate change, local officials have a message for Washington: Lead or get out of the way.
Global Warming Scientist Accused Of Falsifying Data On Drowned Polar Bears RetiresAn Alaska scientist whose observations of drowned polar bears helped galvanize the global warming movement has retired as part of a settlement with a federal agency he says tried to silence him to protect its political goals.
Experts Warn Of More Violent Cyclones In Wake Of Philippine TyphoonWeather experts are warning that the destruction caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines is just the beginning of increasingly violent cyclones to come as a result of rising ocean temperatures.
Pew: Tea Party, Republicans Divided On Global WarmingA recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center in Washington, D.C. found that the Republican party is divided on the matter of global warming.