AAA: Gas Prices Expected To Rise Through Labor DayGasoline prices have increased sharply over the past month and are expected to continue their climb through Labor Day.
Find The Best Local Gas Prices With Our Pump Patrol MapWith rising gas prices, WNEW understands that you want to find the cheapest gas possible in your area. We've made it easy for you. Check out our Pump Patrol map to find the cheapest gas in your area in the easiest way possible.
Gas Prices Climb For 3rd Straight Week In D.C. Metro AreaMotorists in the Mid-Atlantic region are seeing higher prices at the pump for the third week in a row. AAA Mid-Atlantic says the average price of a gallon of regular gas in the D.C. metro area is $3.48 this week. That's compared to $3.41 a week ago.
Opinion: Obama’s Approval Rating Drops To 43% For Good ReasonFive months before the presidential election, this rating is disastrous for Obama – almost as disastrous as the lack of any results for America these past four years.
AAA: Gas Prices In Virginia Likely To Surpass $4 In Coming WeeksVirginia motorists are paying more at the gas pump and prices are expected to rise.
President Obama Strikes Back At GOP Critics On Gas PricesObama used his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday to underscore his administration's work to develop alternative energy sources and increase fuel efficiency.
High Gas Prices Raising Airline Ticket CostsFor many Americans, the lamentation of rising gas costs is nothing new. It’s an everyday reality to see prices as the pump going up. But now, those looking to get away from it all may encounter further troubles doing so, as gas price hikes could curb car holidays and drive up the cost of plane tickets.
Higher Gas Prices Could Threaten Obama's Re-election Hopes Soaring gasoline prices are threatening to undercut President Barack Obama's re-election prospects and offering Republicans an easy target.
Obama: 'There Are No Quick Fixes' To Problem Of High Gas PricesPresident Barack Obama says simply calling for more drilling is just a "bumper sticker," not a real plan for bringing down rising gas prices.
Gas Prices Continue To Climb Around DC RegionGas prices continue to climb across the region and some drivers are already scaling back. Newt Gingrich says he has a plan to drop gas prices back down while an opponent says we should expect $5 per gallon prices.
Gas Prices: D.C. Highest In Region, MD And VA Also Above National AverageGas prices are on the rise again and locally D.C. is feeling the pinch the most.
Steep Gas Tax Hike Proposed By Maryland Gov. Martin O'MalleyGov. Martin O'Malley proposed a six-percent tax hike on gas prices in Maryland. The increase would be added to the state's current 23-cent per gallon flat tax.