Poll: 36 Percent of Americans See Obamacare as Obama's Biggest FailureA new poll finds that more Americans believe that President Barack Obama’s signature health care law has been his biggest failure of his presidency rather than his biggest achievement.
Poll: Only 8 Percent Of Americans Believe Congressional Members Honest, EthicalAre congressional lawmakers less ethical than used car salesmen? According to one poll they are.
Poll: 69 Percent Of Americans Satisfied With Personal Health Care PlanA majority of Americans are happy with their current health care plan.
Poll: 58 Percent of Americans Believe Women Should Have First Child By 25A majority of Americans believe men and women should start having children in their mid-20s.
Poll: Majority Of Americans In Favor Of Legalizing MarijuanaFor the first time in history, a clear majority of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana a new poll shows.
Study: Near-Record Number Of Americans Struggling To Afford FoodA recent Gallup Poll suggests that an increasing number of Americans are having trouble affording food.
Poll: 87 Percent Of US Approve Black-White Marriages, Only 4 Percent In 1958A new poll finds that 87 percent of Americans approve of marriages between white and black people, in comparison to just 4 percent who supported mixed marriages in 1958.
Poll: Depression Costs Employers Approximately $23 Billion Per YearThe findings of a recent Gallup Poll show that American workplaces lose approximately $23 billion every year because of employees with depression.
Study: Less Than One-Third Of Americans Keep Household BudgetThe average American household lacks serious fiscal responsibility, with less than one-third of Americans reporting that they keep a household budget of any sort.
Gallup: Three-Quarters Of Adults Plan To Work Past Retirement AgeA recent Gallup poll indicates that a significant portion of American workers plan to continue working past the age of retirement.
Poll: Vast Majority Of Americans Have Negative View Of Country's Moral ValuesThe vast majority of Americans are highly pessimistic about the values held in the U.S. and the direction that the country is headed.