Poll: Voter Registration Lags Behind For Traditionally Democratic DemographicsA recent Gallup Poll indicates that voter registration among Asians and Hispanics is lagging behind registration by blacks and whites in America.
Poll: U.S. Sentiments On Obamacare Have Changed Little, Despite Site GlitchesA recent Gallup Poll indicates that the feelings of people throughout the United States on the Affordable Care Act have not changed much, despite the technical issues that have plagued the online marketplace associated with the law since its Oct. 1 launch.
Poll: 60 Percent Of Americans Favor Death PenaltySupport for the death penalty has reached its lowest level of support since 1972.
Gallup: 60 Percent Of Americans Own Guns For 'Personal Safety'A recent Gallup Poll found that 60 percent of Americans own guns in order to feel safe.
Poll: 71 Percent Of Uninsured Americans Still Not Familiar With ObamacareA recent Gallup Poll indicates that seven out of ten Americans without any health insurance are still "not too familiar" or "not familiar at all" with the health insurance exchanges offered courtesy of the Affordable Care Act.
Gallup: Over 80 Percent Of Americans View Iran As Enemy, UnfriendlyA Gallup Poll that once again endeavored to gauge the sentiments of the American populace toward Iran showed that the vast majority of people in the United States still view the nation as an enemy.
Poll: 50 Percent of Americans View Russia Negatively for First Time in 15 YearsThe results of a recent poll suggest that the majority of Americans, for the first time in 15 years, view Russia in a negative light.
Poll: Teachers With More Experience Are Less EngagedA recent poll conducted by Gallup Economy has found that teachers who have just begun their careers are far more engaged in their jobs than those who have been working as educators for several years.
Gallup: Almost Half Of America's Uninsured Don't Know They Have To Get CoverageThe results of a recent Gallup Poll suggest that 43 percent of uninsured people in the United States are not aware of the fact that they must get medical coverage, according to the Affordable Care Act.
Gallup: Christie More Favorable Among Dems Than GOP VotersA new poll finds that Wisconsin representative and 2012 vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is the most popular politician among Republicans.
Gallup: Three-Quarters Of Adults Plan To Work Past Retirement AgeA recent Gallup poll indicates that a significant portion of American workers plan to continue working past the age of retirement.
Gallup: Economic Confidence Slips From High, Half Of Nation Sees Trouble AheadA recent Gallup Poll indicates that American confidence in the economy has slipped slightly after hitting a five-year high. The weekly poll also showed that half of the nation feels the economy is getting worse.
Gallup: 60 Percent Of U.S. Willing To Pay More For American-Made ProductsAccording to the results of a new Gallup Poll, six out of every ten people in the United States would be willing to pay more for products made in America.
Gallup Poll: Majority Of Americans Wanted Senate To Allow For Gun Background ChecksThe majority of Americans would have preferred if Congress had allowed for expanded background checks for gun purchases, according to recently-released data.
Gallup Poll: Hillary Clinton More Popular Than Obama, Biden, KerryFive years after a contentious primary battle, Hillary Clinton is decisively more popular than Barack Obama.