Poll: Unemployment Now Number One National ProblemFor the first time since October, Americans no longer think politicians are the biggest national problem.
Poll: Congressional Job Approval At 12 PercentA recent Gallup Poll has found that just 12 percent of Americans approve of the job Congress has been doing.
Poll: For First Time, Majority Of Uninsured Plan To Use Online Health ExchangesFor the first time since the launch of the online health insurance exchanges that were a centerpiece of the Affordable Care Act, the majority of uninsured Americans are saying they will use the exchanges to obtain coverage of their own.
Lawmaker: Growing, Exporting Marijuana Would Pay Off Hawaii's DebtsA top Hawaiian lawmaker is calling for the legalization of marijuana in order to pay of billions in state debt and improvements to transportation and public education programs.
Study: US Ranks In Bottom Third In Children's Well-Being Among Advanced NationsA recent Gallup Poll indicates that, in regards to the well-being of children, America ranks in the bottom third among the world's 29 most advanced nations.
Poll: Americans Feel Government Is Nation's Biggest ProblemAccording to a recent poll, Americans feel that the largest problem plaguing the nation is its government.
Poll: Republican Political Affiliation At Its Lowest Point In 25 YearsA recently conducted poll indicates that the number of Americans choosing to identify themselves as Republicans is at a record low.
Poll: Obama's Approval Rating Sinks More Than 10 Points During 2013Polling indicates that President Barack Obama's approval rating decreased from 52 percentage points to 41 percentage points during the course of 2013.
Poll: Only 23 Percent Of Americans Satisfied With Direction US Is HeadingA recent Gallup Poll suggests that people throughout the United States are far happier with the way their personal lives are going than they are with the direction in which the country is headed.
Poll: American Trust In Clergy Members Hits New LowA record number of people throughout the United States have expressed a lack of trust in clergy members, according to a new poll.
Poll: Almost A Third Of Americans Avoid Treatment Due To CostsA recent poll suggests that 30 percent of Americans avoid seeking medical treatment due to concerns over costs.
Poll: Obama's Approval Ratings Among Hispanics Declines 23 PercentApproval ratings for President Barack Obama among Hispanics have declined by 23 percentage points inside of one year's time.
Poll: Young Americans Still Unfamiliar With ObamacareA recent study indicates that young Americans continue to be the portion of the population that is least familiar with the Affordable Care Act.
Poll: 63 Percent Of Uninsured Exchange Users Rate Experience As 'Negative'A recent study shows that 63 percent of people who have used Healthcare.gov rate the experience as negative.
Gallup: Fewer Americans Than Ever See Obama As 'Strong And Decisive Leader'A poll of Americans found that less than half of the nation views President Barack Obama as a "strong and decisive leader."