Poll: 58 Percent Of Americans Say US Needs Third Political PartyA majority of Americans (58 percent) say the U.S. needs a third political party because the existing Republican and Democratic parties are doing “such a poor job” representing the people.
Gallup: Trust In US Federal Government To Handle International Issues Hits Record-LowA new Gallup poll finds that Americans’ trust in the federal government to handle international problems has fallen to a record-low of 43 percent, with only 40 percent expressing confidence in Washington’s ability to handle domestic problems.
Study: TV Violence Linked To 'Imagined' Fears Of Real-Life US CrimeThe amount of fictional violence depicted on television has created a “mean world syndrome,” where TV audiences exposed to increasing levels of violent programming create an “imagined world” of fear and paranoia that does not parallel real-life decreasing crime rates.
Poll: Nearly Three-Quarters Of Americans Believe God Played Role In Human ExistenceNearly three-quarters (73 percent) of Americans believe that God had a hand in humans’ present form, with 42 percent of Americans saying they believe God created humans in their present form 10,000 years ago, and an additional 31 percent believing humans evolved from simpler life forms – but God guided the evolutionary process.
Study: Western and Midwestern Residents Have More State PrideState pride is much more common in western and midwestern states, according to a new Gallup poll.
Gallup: 52 Percent Of Americans Say Federal Income Taxes 'Too High'As the April 15 tax deadline passes, more than half of Americans say that their federal taxes are too high and the lowest percentage since 2001 say they’re paying a fair amount.
Study: American Economic Confidence Hits Lowest Point So Far This YearRecent polling suggests that American confidence in the nation's economy has hit its lowest point so far in 2014.
Poll: American Confidence In Availability Of 'Quality' Jobs Still LowThe findings of a recent Gallup Poll show that few people in the United States feel there are adequate opportunities for finding a "quality job."
Poll: Majority Of Americans Do Not Feel Obama Is Respected By World LeadersThe findings of a recent poll show that, for the first time, the majority of Americans do not feel that President Barack Obama is respected on the world stage.
Poll: One Fifth Of Americans Now See China As Nation's Greatest EnemyA recent Gallup Poll suggests that most Americans now view China as the greatest enemy of the United States.
Poll: 49 Percent Of Americans Now Feel War In Afghanistan Was A MistakeThe findings of a recent Gallup poll suggest that, for the first time in the entirety of the United States' involvement in conflict in Afghanistan, a small majority of Americans feel the nation's decision to go to war there was a mistake.