Free Movies Not Completely Furloughed This WeekendThe effects of the government shutdown have extended into peoples' day-to-day lives, wallets, and even how they entertain themselves, but it hasn't completely put a hold on the free movie schedule in the D.C. area.
No Need to 'Rush' to Packed Movie Theaters; Spare Time, MoneyThe new Ron Howard movie Rush hits theaters this weekend, but if you're in no hurry to pay full price to go to the movies, a few outdoor movie festivals from the summer have been extended into the fall.
Watching Movies Based on Books More Fun Than Reading One
Box Office Snoozefest Brings Great Chance to Catch Up on What You MissedWhile the pay-per-movie selections are slim pickens this weekend at the box office, there are some great movies you can see around town, free of charge, like Brad Pitt in "World War Z."
The One Direction to Go Labor Day Weekend: Away from Movie TheatersWith millions flooding the movie theaters around the country with nothing to do, there's only One Direction to go: anywhere else. Save the hassle, and check out a flick for free, in peace.
Save the Wallet: Jobs Shouldn’t Cost You Money, See Movies for FreeTaking the kids to the movies shouldn't feel like a job, and it shouldn't cost you your entire paycheck either. Check out these recent blockbusters playing around the city, free of charge.
Movies for Adults, Children and Everyone Caught in the Middle, Free of ChargeThis weekend's box office brings movies for kids, adults, and adults who act like kids, but free movie screenings in the area bring cinematic entertainment to everyone without breaking the bank.
Smurfs 2: Leaving Your Money Green, But Your Face BlueDon't go blue in the face paying to see "Smurfs 2" this weekend. There are movies geared towards young and old playing for free in a theater near you.
Don't Let 'The Wolverine' Slash Through Your WalletDon't want Hugh Jackman's "The Wolverine" slashing through your wallet this weekend? Save your money, and take the family to a movie free of charge at one of the many summer movie festivals going on, in and around town.
'Screen on the Green' Brings Movie Madness to Nation's Front LawnOutdoor film festivals have been going on all summer in the D.C. area, but this weekend brings a special treat with the arrival of Screen on the Green - four weeks of free movies on the nation's front yard.
Free Movies: American As Apple PieThis being the last weekend before the 4th of July holiday, free movie season is scaling back a bit, but it should come as no surprise that the movies that are coming to theaters near you have a patriotic theme to them.
Monsters University: Get Schooled on Cheaper MoviesPixar's Monsters University will probably be the big draw in theaters this weekend, but on this first official week of summer there are plenty of free options to take the kids to on the big screen.
Free Movie Weekend Offers Non-Jurassic ClassicsA remake of The Evil Dead and a 3D re-release of Jurassic Park are sure to dominate the box office this weekend. But you don't have to pay normal ticket prices to take in a classic motion picture this week.
Free Movie Weekend: MLK's 'The March' and 'The Obama Effect' Highlight FlicksEven at this busy time in the nation's capital, DC's best kept secret is still going full swing. Here's this week's list of free movies in and around town, starting January 19th.
Free Movie Weekend: Enter The MatrixFrom brand-new inductees to the National Film Registry to high-minded European documentaries to certified schlock, the Washington region is getting right back into the new year with a wide range of free movies coming soon to a theater, museum... or bar... near you.