FBI: Background Checks for Gun Sales Peak on Black FridayThe FBI processed a record number of firearms background checks on Black Friday, the agency said Tuesday.
FBI Hate Crime Report: Most Victims Targeted Due to Race, Most Offenders WhiteThe FBI's 2014 Hate Crime Statistics report says most known offenses were committed by white people and were based on the offenders' racial bias.
White Supremacists Accused Of Plotting To Attack Synagogues, Black Churches In 'Impending Race War'Two men described by authorities as white supremacists have been charged in Virginia with trying to illegally buy weapons and explosives to use in attacks on synagogues and black churches.
CBS News: FBI Warning Police Departments About Anarchist Group's 'Halloween Revolt' To Target CopsThe FBI is reportedly warning police departments across the United States about a possible anarchist group’s plot to ambush cops on Halloween.
FBI to Collect Better Data on Police Shootings, Use of ForceThe FBI will begin collecting more, and better, data about police shootings and use of force, and it will provide that information to the public.
FBI Pulls Deleted Emails From Hillary Clinton's Private Server, Report SaysThe FBI has reportedly pulled deleted emails from the private server Hillary Clinton used while she was secretary of state.
FBI Director: ISIS More Of Terror Threat To US Than Al QaedaThe Islamic State of Iraq and Syria's effort to inspire troubled Americans to violence has become more of a terror threat to the U.S. than an external attack by al Qaeda, the FBI director said Wednesday.
New Director Named for D.C.'s Troubled DNA LabA longtime FBI agent who oversaw DNA analysis at the bureau's laboratory has been named as the head of the District of Columbia's troubled DNA lab.
FBI Director: US Authorities Thwarted Attacks Tied To July 4th HolidayFBI Director James Comey said Thursday that U.S. authorities were able to thwart attacks tied to the July Fourth holiday, arresting multiple individuals who were plotting to do something on the national holiday.
FBI Using Facial Recognition Software To Track Suspects Despite Privacy ConcernsThe FBI’s newly created Next Generation Identification (NGI) system allows police departments across the country to submit photos based on facial recognition to find any matches among millions of mug shots, State Department data and driver’s license photos.
4 Million Federal Employees Affected in Massive Government Data BreachThe Obama administration is scrambling to assess the impact of a massive data breach involving the agency that handles security clearances and employee records, the Associated Press has learned.
AP: FBI Operating Small Air Force With Scores Of Low-Flying Spy Planes Across CountryThe FBI is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying planes across the country carrying video and, at times, cellphone surveillance technology — all hidden behind fictitious companies that are fronts for the government, The Associated Press has learned.
Amtrak Latest: Lawsuits Filed After Fatal DerailmentFederal investigators say they aren't sure anything struck the windshield of an Amtrak train involved in last week's deadly derailment in Philadelphia.
Emails Show FBI Privacy Concerns Over License Plate Reading TechnologyThe FBI has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in license-plate reader technology, but it halted a purchase order at least temporarily after lawyers raised privacy concerns about the surveillance three years ago, according to emails and other documents obtained by The Associated Press.
Former FBI Agent in Custody After Threatening CIA OfficersA former FBI agent will undergo a psychiatric evaluation after making violent threats against CIA officers at the main gate of the agency's headquarters in Virginia last week.