Obama: Flight Delay Fix a 'Band-Aid' President Barack Obama says the congressional fix for widespread flight delays is an irresponsible way to govern, but he's prepared to sign the legislation that lawmakers fast-tracked.
House Approves Measure To End Furloughs Of Air Traffic ControllersCongress has easily approved legislation ending furloughs of air traffic controllers that have delayed hundreds of flights daily.
FAA Keeps Planes On Ground Due To Lack Of Air Traffic ControllersFlight delays piled up across the country Monday as thousands of air traffic controllers began taking unpaid days off because of federal budget cuts, providing the most visible impact yet of Congress and the White House's failure to agree on a long-term deficit-reduction plan.
Furloughs Begin For Nearly 15,000 Air Traffic Controllers Commercial airline flights moved smoothly throughout most of the country on Sunday, the first day air traffic controllers were subject to furloughs resulting from government spending cuts, though some delays appeared in the late evening in and around New York.
FAA Approves Resumption Of Boeing 787 Flights Federal officials intend to lift the order grounding the beleaguered 787 Dreamliner after accepting Boeing's revamped battery system even though the root cause of battery failures that led to a fire on one plane and smoke on another remains unknown.
FAA Orders No-Fly Zone Over Boston Explosion Site The Federal Aviation Administration is warning pilots that it has created a no-fly zone over the site of two explosions at the annual Boston marathon.
Drone Industry Worries About Privacy BacklashIt's a good bet that in the not-so-distant future aerial drones will be part of Americans' everyday lives, performing countless useful functions.
FAA To Close 149 Air Traffic Control TowersThe Federal Aviation Administration says it will close 149 air traffic control towers at small airports around the country because of federal budget cuts.
Boeing Shows Political Clout With Congress Silent On Dreamliner ProblemsAs Boeing, its airline customers and federal safety regulators struggled over the past two months to solve problems with the new 787 Dreamliner's fire-plagued batteries, one player has been strangely silent: Congress.
FAA Approves Boeing Plan To Fix 787's Batteries A Boeing plan to redesign the 787 Dreamliner's fire-plagued lithium-ion batteries won approval Tuesday from the Federal Aviation Administration, moving the cutting-edge planes a step closer to flying passengers again.
NTSB: Pilot Lost Control In OSU Plane Crash Investigators found no evidence of mechanical failure to explain why a pilot lost control of a small plane that nosedived into an Arkansas ridge, killing the Oklahoma State women's basketball coach and three others, according to a federal report.
FAA Grounds Boeing 787s to Address Battery Fires For the second time in two weeks, a smoking or burning battery has been tied to an emergency aboard a 787. Almost half of the 787s that have been delivered have now been grounded for safety checks.
FAA Proposal: Pilots Can't Use Phones, Laptops, iPads In Cockpit At Any TimeThe Federal Aviation Administration is pushing for pilots to heed the advice given to passengers every flight: Turn off all wireless devices.
Fatal Air Crash Decline Presents Safety Challenge It's been 43 months since the last deadly airline crash in the United States, the longest period without a fatal domestic accident since commercial aviation expanded after World War II. Why isn't that all good news?
Congress Passes Bill Boosting Pilots' Rights Pilots' rights when dealing with Federal Aviation Administration disciplinary proceedings would receive a boost under a bill passed by Congress on Monday — a measure written by Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., who was ordered to take remedial flying lessons by the agency after he landed his plane on a closed runway.