Mayor, Administrator Vie to Succeed Popular Colgan in SenateIt's not hard to see why the race to succeed Sen. Charles Colgan in the Virginia Senate is attracting plenty of attention.
Anthony Mackie Wants To Party With Trump After He Wins ElectionIn a recent interview with BET Anthony Mackie may or may not have endorsed Donald Trump.
Trump Blasts George W. Bush Again, This Time Over Iraq War
Best Movies Filmed in Washington, D.C.Our nation’s capital has been the setting for countless movies, but only around 100 have actually been filmed in D.C. Those films have included everything from mega blockbusters to critically acclaimed classics. Here’s a look at the ten best films ever shot in Washington, D.C. #10 Patriot Games (1992) This adaptation of the Tom Clancy novel marked the debut of Harrison Ford as retired CIA agent Jack Ryan, replacing Alec Baldwin, who played the part in 1990’s The Hunt for Red October. Debuting at #1, this political thriller was a hit with both critics and the public. #9 Minority Report (2002) One of director Stephen Spielberg’s most daring and critically acclaimed films, Minority Report tackles the concept of a future where foreknowledge of misdeeds allows police to arrest criminals before crimes are committed. Heavy stuff-- and well ahead of it’s time. #8 Thank You For Smoking (2005) Can lobbyists for some of the world’s most dangerous and deadly products still have a conscience and a heart? Aaron Eckhart is masterful as the Big Tobacco spin doctor caught between his career and raising a young son. #7 In The Line Of Fire (1993) As the lone remaining Secret Service agent from JFK’s Dallas team, Frank Horrigan is haunted by memories and determined to stop former CIA agent John Malkovich from taking down the current chief executive. Both actors are at their best throughout this intense thriller. #6 Election(1999) One of the truly great satires of the 1990’s, Election features a tour de force performance by Reese Witherspoon as the Nebraska teen who wants to be class president and Matthew Broderick as the teacher who tries to sabotage her campaign. Fun and funny from start to finish. #5 Wag The Dog (1997) Politics is a dirty business, and no film portrays it any filthier than this black comedy from director Barry Levinson. An all-star cast led by Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman captures every aspect of political scandal—both real and manufactured. #4 JFK (1991) In one of the most controversial films of all-time, director Oliver Stone mines every source of Kennedy assassination conspiracy info and blends them into a compelling and fascinating look at one of the nation’s darkest episodes. #3 Broadcast News (1987) Writer, producer, director James L. Brooks nailed every aspect of this funny, insightful and touching look at the cutthroat world of TV news and the people that provide it. Great performances by William Hurt, Holly Hunter and Albert Brooks make Broadcast News one of the best films of the 1980’s. #2 The Exorcist (1973) The granddaddy of all horror films, it is hard to find a flaw in The Exorcist. From creepy, foggy Georgetown backdrops to spinning heads and pea soup projectiles, this classic is as scary today as it was four decades ago. #1 All the President’s Men (1976) Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein may have been the journalists who broke the Watergate scandal wide open, but it’s Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman who the general public remembers in those roles. The quintessential Washington story, All the President’s Men garnered eight Academy Awards, including a Best Supporting Actor nod for Jason Robards’ portrayal of legendary Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee.
Maryland Senate Votes to Move State's PrimaryThe Maryland Senate has voted unanimously to move the state's primary in presidential election years to the last Tuesday in April.
Measure Would Move Maryland PrimaryA Maryland measure would move the state's primary in presidential election years to the last Tuesday in April.
Paper Ballots Return to Maryland ElectionsMaryland voters will be casting their ballots on paper for the next president of the United States.
2 New D.C. Council Members to be Elected in AprilTwo new members of the D.C. Council will be elected in April.
Special Election to Operate Under New Finance LawsThe coming special election to fill the D.C. Council seat of Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser will be the first to test restrictive new campaign finance laws passed by D.C. officials last year.
D.C. Attorney General Resigns After ElectionThe District of Columbia's last appointed attorney general is resigning to pave the way for its first elected attorney general to take over.
Republican Hogan Pledges Bipartisan AdministrationRepublican Larry Hogan is pledging to put together a bipartisan administration after winning the Maryland governor's race.