American Diplomat: US Not Backing A Side In EgyptA senior U.S. diplomat on Monday urged Egypt's military and new interim leadership to ensure an "inclusive" transition to democracy, dismissing accusations that Washington backs any one side in the deeply polarized country.
CBS News: At Least 54 Dead In Clash Between Protesters, Security ForcesA reported 51 protesters and three members of the Egyptian police and army lost their lives in a clash with Islamist protesters following the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi - with death tolls possibly on the rise.
McCain: Egypt Descending Into Chaos Due To 'Lack Of American Leadership'Arizona Sen. John McCain believes the lack of leadership from the Obama administration helped to play a part in Egypt descending into chaos one year after holding democratically held elections.
US Officials Approach Tumult In Egypt With CautionPresident Barack Obama and his national security team tread delicately Thursday in the aftermath of the ouster of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, urging the restive nation to quickly return authority to a democratically elected civilian government and avoid violence.
Statement: Obama 'Deeply Concerned' By Military Ousting Of Morsi From PowerPresident Barack Obama issued a statement Wednesday evening regarding the decision made by the Egyptian Armed Forces to remove Islamist President Mohammed Morsi from power.
U.S. Students In Arabic Program Leaving Egypt A U.S.-based international education and training organization is evacuating 18 Arabic language program students from Egypt to Morocco due to deteriorating security conditions.
Kerry To Egypt Foreign Minister: Listen To The Egyptian PeopleSecretary of State John Kerry is urging Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr to listen to the Egyptian people.
Chevy Chase Student Killed in EgyptThe family of an American college student killed in Egypt during violent protests says their son cared passionately about the Middle East and was in the country to teach English to children and to improve his own Arabic.
Study: Arab Spring Adds To Religious Restrictions, IntoleranceA new data analysis finds that the onset of the Arab Spring in late 2010 did not spark new freedoms for people of the region, but instead, has led to more global restrictions on religion.
Egypt Blasts US For 'Baseless' Warnings Against Visiting PyramidsEgypt's Antiquities' Ministry has criticized a U.S. Embassy message to American citizens in the country, urging them to be extra cautious because of recent incidents near the pyramids in Giza.
'Egypt's Jon Stewart' Plans To Increase Jabs At Morsi, Islam Following InterrogationBassem Youssef, who is considered to be “Egypt’s Jon Stewart,” was interrogated by Egyptian government officials on Sunday after an arrest warrant was announced for charges that included insulting Islam and President Mohammed Morsi.
Gallup: Dems, GOP Differ Most On Respective Attitudes Towards Israel, CubaDemocrats and Republicans in the U.S. have relatively similar opinions of most foreign countries, but they differ the most on their respective views of Cuba and Israel.
Israel On High Alert After 30 Million Locusts Descend Upon EgyptIsrael is on high alert after tens of millions of locusts descend on neighboring Egypt.
Morsi Aide: America Invented Holocaust 'Myth'An aide to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi claims that the Holocaust was a hoax.
Morsi Called Jews 'Descendants Of Apes And Pigs' In 2010 SpeechU.S. Sen. John McCain said Wednesday he has expressed strong disapproval to Egypt's Islamist president about his past comments about Jews. Despite an uproar in Washington over the remarks, he said he and other congressmen will press for more aid to Egypt's ailing economy.