Dogs Found Dead Inside Kennel Hanging By LeashesPolice are investigating the deaths of two dogs that were found hanging by their leashes in a kennel.
Smallest Dogs Carry Biggest RisksThe smallest dog breeds carry with them the biggest risks — they can literally slip through the cracks.
Md. Fire Department Creates Fund to Aid Pets Affected By FiresAfter a dog died as a result of small burns and smoke inhalation sustained in a house fire in Prince George's County last year, the Prince George's County Fire Department is announcing the "PGFD and SPCA Sparky Fire Fund."
NoMa Apartment Building Touts 'Community Dog'A new NoMa apartment building is touting a rather unusual amenity — a community dog.
3 Dogs From Fairfax to Search for Washington Mudslide Victims Three rescue dogs from Fairfax County's elite Search and Rescue team have departed to Washington state to help find victims from the March 22 mudslide in the town of Oso.
Virginia Beach Eases Ban on Dogs on BoardwalkDog lovers will be allowed to take their pets on Virginia Beach's popular Boardwalk at the height of tourism season.
Md. House Votes to Hold Dog Owners Liable for Bites The Maryland House has joined the Senate in passing a compromise measure on dog-bite liability.
Anne Arundel County School Closed After Dogs Chase Deer Through WindowThe Anne Arundel Public Schools building that houses both Southern Middle and Lothian Elementary was closed today, after two dogs chased a group of deer through one of its windows.
First Ever K-9 Veterans Day PlannedThe first official K-9 Veterans Day is being planned.
Dog-Bite Bill Aims for Liability Compromise A new Senate bill would hold dog owners liable when their dogs bite "innocent victims," but would also relieve owners who prove they couldn't know their dogs were dangerous.
Labrador Retrievers Set Popularity-Ranking Record The top 10 most popular dog breeds in the United States in 2013, according to the American Kennel Club's registry.
Study: Dogs Relieve Themselves In-Line With Earth's Magnetic FieldDogs are quite particular about where they choose to relieve themselves -- not only do they defecate in direction with the north-south axis, but they also are sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field.
Serial Animal Abuser Allegedly Beat, Killed 3 DogsAs least 10 dogs, including three that are now dead, were allegedly abused by a D.C. man over the past few years, the Washington Humane Society says.
Forget Guns, School Safety Begins With DogsWhile some say school safety hinges on guns, cameras or alarms in classrooms, Mark Gomer and Kristi Schiller think specially trained dogs should take point in preventing violence in schools.
Arlington County Puts Time Limit on Dog TetheringThere's a limit on how long dogs can be tethered in Arlington County, after the county board passed new legislation this weekend, citing potential risks to the animals' well-being.