Maryland Passes Bill on Distracted Driving A measure to increase penalties for distracted driving that cause serious accidents has been passed by the Maryland General Assembly.
Md. Senate Passes Distracted Driving Bill The Maryland Senate has passed a measure to increase penalties for distracted driving.
Bill Could Mean Jail Time For Crashes Caused By Distracted Driving A measure in Maryland would make it a misdemeanor to cause accidents resulting in serious injury or death, if the driver at fault was talking or texting on a cellphone.
'Driving Selfies' An Increasing Concern On The RoadSelfies are the hot new trend in distracted driving, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.
Study: Distracted Driving Deaths UnderreportedSeventeen-year-old Kelsey Raffaele's last words were over a cellphone to a friend: "I'm going to crash!" The car she was driving had clipped a snow bank and spun into oncoming traffic, where it was T-boned by an SUV.
Maryland Strengthens Distracted Driving LawThe General Assembly passed a measure on Monday to make talking on a handheld cellphone while driving a vehicle a primary offense.
Md. House OKs Strengthening Distracted Driving LawThe Maryland House of Delegates has passed a measure to strengthen laws against distracted driving.
Severely Injured Woman Speaks Out Against Distracted DrivingEach year more than 3,000 people in the United States are killed in crashes involving a distracted driver. Amanda Kloehr was nearly one of them.
Alarming Video Depicts Dangers of Distracted Driving Distracted driving is a growing national problem, and hospital and government leaders in Maryland are turning to shock video to help spread the message.
Designated Texting Takes Center Stage Of Distracted Driving DebateThe designated driver campaign has been pushed to the back burner temporarily by ad agencies in an attempt to bring more attention to distracted driving.
Carmakers: Crackdown On Dashboard Devices Will Lead To Increased Distracted DrivingDrivers will switch from using distracting devices built into car dashboards to using even more distracting handheld devices unless the government addresses both issues at the same time, automakers warned Monday.