Pelosi: Iraq Violence Is Not Our ResponsibilityThe California Democrat says there is no national appetite for renewed military action in Iraq.
Obama: Democratic Party Suffers From 'Congenital Disease'Rousing Democrats for their fight to keep the Senate, President Barack Obama mounted a searing critique of the Republican Party on Wednesday, accusing his political foes of thwarting progress on everything from wages to scientific research and climate change.
Recent Hillary Revelations May Clean Slate For 2016 Presidential BidFor Hillary Rodham Clinton, the last few months might be comparable to a spring cleaning: An airing of her political past before she sets the course for her much speculated-about future.
Romney Says He Supports Raising The Minimum Wage Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said that he supports an increase in the country’s minimum wage, noting his own break from many other Republicans who oppose such a hike.
Sharpton Declares 'War' Against GOP To Block 'Checkmate' Midterm VictoryMSNBC host Al Sharpton called on Democratic voters to go to “war this summer” ahead of the 2014 midterm elections in which Republicans only need six seats to gain control of the Senate – which Sharpton said would be a “checkmate” over Democrats.
Former La. Dem Governor to Run For Congress 3 Years After Release From Federal PrisonThree years after his release from a federal prison, 86-year-old former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards announced Monday that he will enter the race for Louisiana's 6th Congressional District, ending months of speculation about his political future.
Obama: 'We Have Our Crazy Folks' In The Democratic PartyMelding 2014 needs with 2016 hopes, President Barack Obama is teaming up with an ally and fundraiser of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to help the Democratic Party erase a worrisome debt.
Dems Work To Elect More Female Governors To Support 'War On Women' ClaimsThe Democratic Party claims to be the natural home for women, but the numbers tell another story when it comes to the nation's governors.
Poll: Majority Of US Voters Say Biden Would Not Make A Good PresidentA list of potential 2016 presidential candidates leaves off the man who is currently next-in-line for the office: Vice President Joe Biden.
Obama Attends Democratic Party FundraiserPresident Barack Obama has attended a Democratic Party fundraiser that was closed to media coverage.
Obama Taps Top Democratic Party Official For AmbassadorshipPresident Barack Obama has chosen a top Democratic Party official and former White House aide to be the U.S. ambassador to South Africa, one of four diplomatic posts Obama moved to fill on Thursday.
Clinton: Female President Would Send The Right SignalHillary Rodham Clinton mused aloud about the significance of America electing its first female president. Left unsaid: whether she might try again to be the one.
Obama: 'I Could Not Be More Anxious' To Have Pelosi Back As SpeakerReturning to the town that launched his political career, President Barack Obama gave a boost Wednesday to Democrats chasing control of the House, telling donors he's still seeking compromise with Republicans — but if that fails, it's up to Democrats to finish the job.
Obama Campaign: 'Let's Fight Like Hell' To Raise More Money Than RomneyThe president’s re-election campaign is reaching out to supporters for more money after Mitt Romney and the Republican Party raked in more campaign cash than President Obama and the Democratic Party for the first time last month.
Rep. Walsh: Democratic Party Makes Blacks 'Dependent Upon Government'U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh told a crowd at a recent town hall meeting that the Democratic Party's "game" is to make Latinos dependent on government just like "they got African-Americans dependent upon government."