Exit Poll: Party Leaders A Drag On Both SidesMore than a third of those who voted for a Republican House candidate were dissatisfied or angry with GOP leaders in Congress; a quarter of Democratic voters upset with President Obama.
Obama: 'This Election Cycle Probably The Worst Possible Group Of States For Democrats' Since EisenhowerHe compares the states Democrats are defending to the 1958 Republican losses during the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower.
Poll: 70 Percent Of US Nonvoters Under Age FiftyA new Pew Research Center poll of voting age adults who don’t plan on voting Tuesday shows a group of young Americans who have trouble with finances and weak connections to either the Republican or Democratic parties.
Oklahoma Congressional Candidate Dies In Car CrashDemocrat Earl Everett, 81, was seeking to unseat Republican Rep. Markwayne Mullin for the 2nd District in the eastern part of the state.
Early Votes Exceed 15 MillionMore than 15 million citizens across 31 states have cast early votes ahead of the final week of campaigning before Tuesday's election.
2016 Presidential Debates Already In The Works For GOPThe Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation will invite GOP presidential primary candidates to debate at California's Reagan Library in September 2015.
Dem Party Chair: Control Of The Senate Is 'A Neck And Neck' SituationThe head of the Democratic Party says the mid-term campaign for control of the Senate is "a neck and neck" situation.
Carney: 'Not Going To Be A Good Year For Democrats'Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney predicts that the November midterm elections will not bode well for the Democratic Party.
Connie Johnson Wins Dem Primary For Oklahoma SenateShe will face Republican Rep. James Lankford in the race to fill the open Senate seat.
Sen. Enzi Wins Wyoming's GOP PrimaryMan Liz Cheney once tried to unseat sails through the primary.
GOP Rep: 'War On Whites Being Launched By The Democratic Party'Rep. Mo Brooks, R-AL, says he is part of the “Deportation Caucus” that the Wall Street Journal used to label opponents of the Granger immigration bill, with Brooks saying that he believes the Democratic Party has launched a “war on whites.”
Biden Working To Boost Political Profile Among Key Dem Voting BlocsCaught in Hillary Rodham Clinton's perpetual shadow, Joe Biden is working to boost his political profile among key Democratic voting blocs, a move that could help the vice president fashion himself as a more liberal alternative in the 2016 presidential race.
Pelosi: Little Hope For Immigration ReformHouse Minority Leader visited a Border Patrol facility in Texas that holds unaccompanied children.
Senate Democrats Scuttle Vote On Spending BillBiggest obstacle is Mitch McConnell amendment that would block new regulation of existing coal plants.
Obama: 'It's Not Just Laws That Are Changing, It's Hearts And Minds'To a raucous embrace, President Barack Obama told gay donors Tuesday that American society and its laws have advanced the cause of gay rights over the past 10 years but said the job was hardly over in the United States and especially abroad.