Obama: 'Threat' Of Debt Ceiling Remains A Political 'Loaded Gun' President Barack Obama spoke with the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council meeting of nearly 100 chief executives, reiterating that his administration is not “lavishly spending,” and the debt ceiling is more of just a “loaded gun” for politics.
Senate Dems Look To Give President Automatic Debt Ceiling AuthorityDemocrats controlling the Senate proposed Tuesday to avoid future showdowns over the so-called debt ceiling by giving the president authority to authorize additional federal borrowing unless Congress can muster veto-proof margins to block him.
Sen. Collins: 'There Is A Group In The Common Sense Caucus That's Willing To Lead'During the lead-up to a compromise by Senate leadership to end the partial government shutdown, more than a dozen senators came and went from Sen. Susan Collins' office — the hub for the "Gang of 14" pressing for a compromise to end the stalemate, reopen government and avert a Treasury default.
Palin: 'We're Going to Shake Things Up in 2014'Lawmakers and strategists from the Republican Party's establishment are lashing out at tea partyers and congressional conservatives whose unflinching demands triggered the 16-day partial government shutdown and sent the GOP's popularity plunging to record lows.
Obama: Government Shutdown, Debt Ceiling Crisis 'Encouraged Our Enemies'It took 16 days, but Congress approved a last-minute deal Wednesday to end the government shutdown and avoid a potential U.S. default.
Investors Warn Of Pullback Despite Debt Ceiling DealThe Dow drops more than 100 points shortly after the opening bell despite Congress reaching an 11th-hour debt ceiling deal.
Senate and House Approve Deal to Fund Government, Raise Debt CeilingSixteen days into the government shutdown, the Senate and House voted Wednesday evening to end the fiscal stalemate.
Carney: 'Flirtation' With Debt Ceiling Harmful To US, World EconomyCarney stated that the shutdown and debt ceiling deadline fighting are bad for the US and world economy, and the effect of “flirtation” with the debt ceiling and default is “harmful to the American people in all cases.”
Obama on 'Coolest' Job Perk: Anybody in the World Will Answer My CallAmid a government shutdown, looming US default and partisan bickering in Congress, President Obama was still able to focus on one of the more positive, “cool” things about his job.
Buffett Says Allowing U.S. Default Would Be 'Act of Idiocy' Billionaire Warren Buffett says it would be idiocy for the nation's leaders to allow the United States to default on its bills.
Palin: 'Defaulting On Our National Debt Is An Impeachable Offense'Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin believes President Barack Obama should be impeached if he raises the debt ceiling without the backing of Congress.