Officials: Second Hack Exposed Military And Intel DataHackers linked to China appear to have gained access to the sensitive background information submitted by intelligence and military personnel for security clearances.
Study: Health Care Industry Emails 4X More Likely Fraudulent Than Social MediaA new study finds that information stored and emails sent from within the health care industry have the worst security practices, with such emails being four times as likely to be fraudulent than those from social media outlets such as Facebook.
Obama to Focus on Cybersecurity Issues Next WeekContinuing the break with State of the Union tradition, President Barack Obama will spend most of next week previewing more of the proposals he will outline in the upcoming address, including on identity theft, electronic privacy and other cyberspace issues, the White House announced Saturday.
Experts: Inside Jobs Biggest Cybersecurity Threats To CompaniesSecurity experts warn that insider hacking cost American companies $40 billion in 2013 alone.
FBI Says No Way To Stop Sony HackersBureau cybersecurity agent tells a Senate panel the malware used to hack Sony would have gotten past about 90 percent of online defense programs.
U.S. Confirms Climate Agency Websites HackedHackers from China were able to breach government computer systems at the agency that oversees the National Weather Service.
Smart Mouse: Using Your Grip As Your Computer PasswordThe “Biometric Pressure Grip” is a sensor that measures how hard and how tightly someone holds a mouse, then uses that information as part of a multi-step login process.
Education Of A Hacker: One Woman’s JourneyAs a “security aide” typist, Jen Havermann got her first exposure to computers while digging through databases.
Report: Chinese Cyberattack Group Compromises National Security Think TanksDeep Panda has been reading emails of Iraq and Middle East foreign policy experts, says security group.
U.S. Disrupts Hacking Schemes That Stole MillionsThe hackers got into hundreds of thousands of computers around the world, stealing more than $100 million from businesses and consumers.
Cybersecurity Company Moves Headquarters To FrederickA cybersecurity startup company has moved to Frederick, Md., from West Virginia.