Korean-American Church Wins Appeal in Construction DisputeA Korean-American church based in Silver Spring has won an appeal in its disputed plan for an 800-seat worship center in rural Frederick County.
Obama Family Worships At Historic Baptist Church In VirginiaPresident Barack Obama and his family attended Easter service at the Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia, whose history dates back almost 200 years to when Thomas Jefferson was in the White House.
Church Fires Pregnant, Unwed MotherApryl Kellam said she was fired from the church daycare because she was in violation of church policy.
Baltimore Church Damaged in 3-Alarm FireFirefighters battled a three-alarm blaze at a northeast Baltimore church.
5 Tips For Budget Travel To ItalyTraveling to Italy is a wonderful but expensive adventure. Make the most of your money with these five budget tips.
Poll: Americans Very Likely To Inflate Their Amount Of Religious ParticipationAmericans are highly likely to inflate their amount of religious participation – if they even attend religious services at all.
Church Youth Leader Convicted of Sex Abuse A Las Vegas man has been convicted of sexually abusing boys while he was a youth leader at a church in Maryland in the 1980s.
First Lady: We Use Sundays For Naps If We're Not Going To ChurchFirst Lady Michelle Obama says the family tries to use Sundays for downtime if they aren’t going to church.
'God Keeps Me High': Easter on 4/20, Pot Holy DaySocial media has been buzzing for weeks with jokes about how, this year, Easter Sunday shares the calendar with the pot-lover's highest holiday: April 20, or 420 in stoner lingo.
Church Signs Roll the Dice Getting Hip with QuipsPastor Mike Butzberger insists he only had holiday spirit in mind when his Florida church's marquee read: "Christmas — Easier to spell than Hanukkah."
Poll: American Trust In Clergy Members Hits New LowA record number of people throughout the United States have expressed a lack of trust in clergy members, according to a new poll.