China Demands Evidence Proving Malaysian Airlines Jetliner Crashed In Indian OceanChina demanded that Malaysia turn over the satellite data used to conclude that a Malaysia Airlines jetliner had crashed in the southern Indian Ocean killing everyone on board, as gale-force winds and heavy rain on Tuesday halted the search for any remains of the plane.
Malaysian Prime Minister: Missing Flight 'Ended In The Southern Indian Ocean'A Chinese plane spotted "some suspicious objects" in the area where satellite images have indicated possible debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but a high-tech U.S. military search plane which responded to the area Monday was able to find nothing.
First Lady Takes Jab At Chinese Media Censorship On Tour In ChinaWhile on tour in China with her daughters and mother, First Lady Michelle Obama took an indirect jab at China's media censorship.
Malaysia Airlines Search: Chinese Satellite Captures Image Of Large Object In Indian Ocean
White House Refuses To Say How Much First Lady's China Trip Will Cost TaxpayersU.S. first Lady Michelle Obama arrived in China on Thursday for a weeklong visit that will avoid politics and focus on education and people-to-people contacts.
Report: Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight May Have Been Taken As Part Of 'Dry Run' For Future Terror AttackThe search for the missing Malaysian jet pushed deep into the northern and southern hemispheres Monday as Australia scoured the southern Indian Ocean and Kazakhstan - more than 6,000 miles to the northwest - answered Malaysia's call for help in the unprecedented hunt.
Malaysian Official Does Not Know If Final Words From Missing Jet Came From Pilot, Co-PilotIn a press conference Sunday Malaysian authorities said the number of countries involved with the search and rescue operation for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has increased from 14 to 25.
Malaysian Official: 'It Is Conclusive' Someone Hijacked Missing JetA Malaysian government official says investigators have concluded that one of the pilots or someone else with flying experience hijacked the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.
Pilot Suicide Among Scenarios In Disappearance Of Malaysia Airlines FlightPiracy and pilot suicide are among the scenarios under study as investigators grow increasingly certain the missing Malaysia Airlines jet reversed course and headed west after its last radio contact with air traffic controllers.
Malaysian Official: 'We Are Looking At Sabotage, With Hijack Still On The Cards'The international search for the missing Malaysian jetliner expanded Friday further into the Indian Ocean amid signs the aircraft may have flown on for hours after its last contact with air-traffic control nearly a week ago, and more indicators suggested the Boeing 777's disappearance could involve criminal action.
CBS News: Two Communications Systems On Board Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane Were Shut Down SeparatelyTwo communications systems on board the missing Malaysian Airlines plane were shut down separately, CBS News confirmed Thursday, a development that suggests the systems were deliberately turned off.
Disappearance Of Malaysia Airlines Flight Creates Legion Of Armchair SleuthsThere aren't supposed to be any mysteries in the Digital Age.
'There Is Nothing': Malaysian Authorities Do Not Find Missing Plane Where Chinese Satellite Images Showed Possible DebrisSearch planes dispatched Thursday to examine an area where Chinese satellite images showed what might have been debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 found nothing, officials told CBS News.
Malaysian Authorities Admit They Don't Know Which Direction Missing Plane Was Headed When It DisappearedMalaysian authorities defended their handling of the hunt for the missing Boeing 777 on Wednesday even as they acknowledged they were unsure which direction the plane was headed when it disappeared, highlighting the massive task facing an international search mission now in its fifth day.
Still No Sign Of Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight As Spotted 'Life Raft' Turns Out To Be NothingVietnam scrambled helicopters Monday to look for what a search jet spotted and believed might have been a life raft from the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that vanished early Saturday morning on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board, but the object found floating in the sea was not a boat, leaving the fate of the airliner a mystery.