Petco Pulls Chinese Treats Amid Fears They Sickened AnimalsPetco has removed all remaining Chinese-made dog and cat treats from its website and stores nationwide because of concerns they have sickened or killed thousands of pets.
China Not Directly Condemning North Korea For Sony HackChina says it has told the U.S. it is against cyberattacks and opposes any nation or individual launching such attacks from a third country, but did not directly condemn the Sony hackings that Washington has blamed on North Korea.
US Seeks China's Help After CyberattackThe United States is asking China for help as it weighs potential responses to a cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment that the U.S. has blamed on North Korea.
'It Doesn't Change Things Much': US-China Climate Pact Won't Slow WarmingDon't expect the landmark U.S.-China climate change agreement to nudge the world's rising thermostat downward much on its own, scientists say.
Obama: Climate Change Accord With China 'Historic Agreement'The United States and China unveiled ambitious targets Wednesday to reduce greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, aiming to inject fresh momentum into the global fight against climate change ahead of a make-or-break treaty to be finalized next year.
China Removes Footage From Internet Of Putin Wrapping Shawl Around Chinese President's WifeIt was a warm gesture on a chilly night when Vladimir Putin wrapped a shawl around the wife of Xi Jinping while the Chinese president chatted with Barack Obama. The only problem: Putin came off looking gallant, the Chinese summit host gauche and inattentive.
Obama: 'We Want China To Do Well'Putting a bright face on the future of U.S. ties with China, President Barack Obama announced Monday that the two countries would start granting visas to each other's citizens valid for up to 10 years.
Clapper Leads Secret Presidential Envoy To Retrieve 2 Americans Imprisoned In North KoreaAt first blush, James Clapper, the gruff former general who serves as director of national intelligence, seemed an odd choice of presidential envoy for a secret mission to retrieve two Americans imprisoned in North Korea.
US, China Vow To Manage Rifts Ahead Of Obama VisitThe U.S. and China pledged Saturday to overcome mistrust, manage their differences and cooperate on key issues like combatting terrorism and the spread of the Ebola virus as President Barack Obama prepares to travel to the Chinese capital next month.
Senate: China Hacked Several US Military Contractor NetworksSenate investigators are blaming China for nearly two dozen successful hacker break-ins of computer networks belonging to Pentagon contractors.
US Flight To China Diverted Over Child Custody BattleAn international flight bound for Beijing was ordered back to the U.S. hours after takeoff as part of custody battle.
Chef Dies After Severed Cobra Head Bites HimChinese chef was preparing a soup made from the deadly serpent, which is a delicacy in Asia.
Kerry: 'We Are Committed To Avoiding The Trap Of Strategic Rivalry' With ChinaDespite tensions and a clear but officially unacknowledged rivalry, improving U.S. cooperation with China is critical to maintaining stability and security in the Asia-Pacific as well as combating the effects climate change, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday.
Report: Chinese Cyberattack Group Compromises National Security Think TanksDeep Panda has been reading emails of Iraq and Middle East foreign policy experts, says security group.
Chinese Book Importer Scraps Plans To Distribute Clinton's MemoirA book importer in China said Monday it scrapped plans to distribute Hillary Clinton's memoir "Hard Choices," which talks about Chinese censorship and a dissident who took refuge in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, due to sensitive content.