US Officials: White House Exploring Use Of Gov't-Owned Ship To Destroy Syria's Chemical Weapons In International WatersDestroying Syria's deadliest chemical weapons on land would come with vexing diplomatic and security problems as well as environmental issues.
US, Russia Set for First Talks Since Syria DealThe U.S. and Russia are set to hold their first high-level talks since sealing a deal to secure and destroy Syria's chemical weapons and the onset of an apparent warming between Iran and the West.
Syria Says Government Fighting 'Terrorists' Who Eat Human HeartsSyria's foreign minister claimed Monday that his government is fighting a war against al-Qaida-linked militants who eat human hearts and dismember people while they are still alive, then send their limbs to family members.
Obama: 'Peace Process Is Stillborn' In SyriaPresident Barack Obama, in a planned address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday morning, said that the "peace process is stillborn" in regards to resolving civil war currently plaguing Syria.
Kerry: U.N. Report Shows 'Assad Regime Is Guilty' Of Carrying Out Chemical AttackWhile speaking during a daily press briefing, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the resolve of President Barack Obama's administration had their resolve reinforced to take action following an attack perpetrated by Syrian President Bashar Assad on rebel factions during which chemical weapons were used.
McCain Accuses Putin Of Corruption In Opinion PieceIn an opinion piece for a Russian newspaper, Republican Sen. John McCain slammed President Vladimir Putin accusing him of corruption, repression and self-serving rule of the country.
Russia: Don't 'Jump To Any Conclusions' About UN Chemical Weapons ReportThe United Nations chemical weapons report on the details of the deadly Aug. 21 attack in Syria “make clear” that the Assad regime carried out the attack – but Russia is unconvinced.
UN: 'Clear And Convincing Evidence' Of Syria Chemical Attacks U.N. inspectors say there is "clear and convincing evidence" that chemical weapons were used on a relatively large scale in an attack last month in Syria that killed hundreds of people.
Biden Downplays Administration's Pledge To Use Military Force In SyriaVice President Joe Biden, speaking to a decidedly anti-war audience in Iowa on Sunday, played down the Obama administration's pledge to use military force to rid Syria of chemical weapons.
Obama: As Long as Assad is in Power, There Will Be Conflict in SyriaPresident Barack Obama says a U.S.-Russian agreement offers a chance to destroy Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons and promises to end the threat they pose to Syrians and the world.
US, Russia Reach Agreement On Syria Chemical WeaponsU.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov say they have reached an agreement on a framework for securing Syria's chemical weapons after the third day of intense negotiations in Geneva.