Ebola Monitoring in Md. to Depend on CircumstancesHealth officials are working on a plan to monitor every person who returns to Maryland from countries stricken by Ebola, but the extent of the monitoring will depend on individual circumstances, the state's health secretary said Wednesday.
CDC to Revise Ebola Protocol, Services Ready TeamRevised guidance for health care workers treating Ebola patients will include using protective gear "with no skin showing," a top federal health official said Sunday, and the Pentagon announced it was forming a team to assist medical staff in the U.S., if needed.
Rand Paul: Obama Administration Makes Transmission Of Ebola Sound Similar To AIDSU.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky told a group of college students Wednesday the deadly virus Ebola can spread from a person who has the disease to someone standing three feet away and said the White House should be honest about that.
'Whiz Kid' CDC Director Warned Harvard Medical Students: 'Overconfidence Can Kill'Last May, as Ebola crept across West Africa, America's top infectious disease expert told a group of Harvard students in a commencement speech to always second-guess their assumptions because "overconfidence can kill."
Expert: Can't Rule Out Ebola Worry Could Cause Drop In Airline TrafficNews that a nurse diagnosed with Ebola flew on a plane full of passengers raised fear among airline investors that the scare over the virus could cause travelers to avoid flying.
Report: CDC Considering Putting 76 Health Care Workers Who Had Contact With Ebola Patient On No-Fly ListThe federal government is ramping up its response to the Ebola crisis after a second Dallas nurse became ill and it was disclosed that she had been cleared to fly a day before her diagnosis. Officials are now reportedly considering putting dozens of hospital workers who treated the Ebola patient on the no-fly list.
Dulles Begins Screening for Ebola VirusCustoms and health officials at Dulles International Airport are scheduled to begin screening arriving travelers from three West African countries.
What You Need to Know About EbolaHow come nurses wearing protective gear can catch Ebola from a patient, but health officials keep saying you almost certainly won't get it from someone sitting next to you on a plane?
Funeral Home: CDC Guidelines Require 'Disaster Pouches' For Ebola-Infected BodiesThe Ebola virus has only killed one person in the United States, but federal health officials already have issued guidelines for handling infected bodies.
CDC: Rapid Response Team Will Be Sent For Any New Ebola Cases The government will send a rapid response team to any hospital in the country that diagnoses another Ebola patient, to make sure the local health workers can provide care safely.
White House Petition Calls On FAA To Ban Flights From Ebola-Stricken CountriesA new petition is calling for the Federal Aviation Administration to ban flights from countries that are stricken with the Ebola virus in West Africa.
New Test to Cause Spike in Illness Cases in KidsFor more than two months, health officials have been struggling to understand the size of a national wave of severe respiratory illnesses caused by an unusual virus. This week, they expect the wave to start looking a whole lot bigger.
Nurse Infected with Ebola Says She's 'Doing Well' The Texas nurse who became the first person to contract Ebola on American soil said Tuesday that she is doing well as her hospital expressed optimism about her recovery.
Dr. Carson: 'We Should Be Thinking About Worst-Case Scenarios' For EbolaDr. Ben Carson believes the U.S. has been acting illogically in dealing with Ebola after a Dallas nurse contracted the disease from a patient who died.
Can All U.S. Hospitals Safely Treat Ebola? The idea that all U.S. hospitals may not be able to safely treat Ebola patients seemed to find more acceptance Monday as a second federal official suggested it was worth rethinking whether to send patients to one of the specialized units set up to deal with dangerous germs.