D.C. Sends Pot Legalization Initiative to CongressThe D.C. Council has sent an initiative legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana to Congress for review, despite an attempt by Congress to block the nation's capital from legalizing pot.
Baltimore City Council Approve Plastic Bag Ban, Body Camera BillsThe Baltimore City Council has gone from a bill to charge a fee for the use of plastic bags to an outright ban.
Bill Would Require Background Checks for Md. DocsMaryland doctors would undergo criminal background checks and be continuously monitored under legislation the state medical licensing board plans to propose next year.
House Passes 'No Welfare For Weed' Bill The House passed a bill Tuesday that could make it a little harder for people to use government welfare payments to buy marijuana in states where the drug is legal.
Marijuana Decriminalized in D.C. For NowA new law takes effect Thursday that decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana in the nation's capital.
Senate Backs Bill to Improve Health Care for Vets The Senate has approved a bill making it easier for veterans who've endured long wait times for VA medical care to receive treatment from local doctors instead. The measure closely resembles a bill approved Tuesday in the House. Lawmakers say they are optimistic a compromise version can soon be sent to President Barack Obama for his signature.
Gov. O'Malley Signs Nearly 200 Bills Into LawGov. Martin O'Malley signed nearly 200 measures at his last bill signing ceremony as governor. Here's a glance at some of them.
Lawmakers Reach Compromise on Medical Marijuana The House and Senate have reached a final agreement on plans to make medical marijuana more widely available.
Obama To Sign Relief From Flood Insurance Hikes President Barack Obama is set to sign into law a bipartisan bill relieving homeowners living in flood-prone neighborhoods from big increases in their insurance bills.
Dog-Bite Bill Aims for Liability Compromise A new Senate bill would hold dog owners liable when their dogs bite "innocent victims," but would also relieve owners who prove they couldn't know their dogs were dangerous.
Va. Senate Delays Vote on Electric Chair Bill The Virginia Senate is delaying a vote on a bill that would allow the state to mandate the use of the electric chair if lethal injection drugs aren't available.