Kerry Says Assad Has Lost 'Legitimacy' To Govern SyriaAt the start of Syrian peace talks, Secretary of State Kerry promises Syria a future without Bashar Assad.
US Officials: White House Exploring Use Of Gov't-Owned Ship To Destroy Syria's Chemical Weapons In International WatersDestroying Syria's deadliest chemical weapons on land would come with vexing diplomatic and security problems as well as environmental issues.
Kerry: Iran Not Getting A Nuclear Weapon 'A Promise By The President Of The US'U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday tried to reassure America's Arab friends that the United States will not allow them to be attacked "from outside," in an apparent warning to Iran.
Poll: 50 Percent of Americans View Russia Negatively for First Time in 15 YearsThe results of a recent poll suggest that the majority of Americans, for the first time in 15 years, view Russia in a negative light.
Biden Downplays Administration's Pledge To Use Military Force In SyriaVice President Joe Biden, speaking to a decidedly anti-war audience in Iowa on Sunday, played down the Obama administration's pledge to use military force to rid Syria of chemical weapons.
Kerry To Lavrov: 'You Want Me To Take Your Word For It?'The level of distrust between Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was on full display in Geneva Friday.
Assad: Threat of U.S. Strike Not Reason for Surrendering Chemical WeaponsSyrian President Bashar Assad says his government's plan to turn its chemical weapons over to Russia is not in fear of a military strike from the United States.
Sen. Paul: 'Obama Now Asks Us to Be Allies With Al Qaeda'Republican Sen. Rand Paul warned that President Barack Obama is asking the United States to become allies with the terrorists responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.
Teacher on Obama Speech: 'We Can't Take Care of North America As A Continent'As President Barack Obama made the case Tuesday night for possible U.S. military intervention in Syria, he addressed a public hardened by the lessons of past wars, murky on the details of the current crisis and fearful of what another conflict abroad would mean for America.
Obama: 'The United States Military Doesn't Do Pinpricks'Addressing the nation Tuesday night, President Barack Obama signaled support for exploring a Russian proposal that would put Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime's chemical stockpile under international control before its eventual dismantling.
Pelosi: Russia's Proposal 'Is A Victory For President Obama'Nancy Pelosi calls Russia’s proposal for the Syrian government to surrender its chemical weapons to the international community a victory for President Barack Obama.