ACLU: 'Black Spring Has Begun'The American Civil Liberties Union tweeted Friday that "Black Spring has begun" and called on the protesters to know their rights.
ACLU Sues Federal Government Over Drone Strike DeathsThe American Civil Liberties Union is suing the federal government, seeking to force a response to its request for documents about drone missile strikes against terror suspects.
Workshop in D.C. to Address Strategies for Stops By PoliceCivil liberties groups are teaching District of Columbia residents about ways they can protect themselves during tense encounters with police.
Sotomayor Issues Order Temporarily Blocking Gay Marriage In KansasU.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has issued an order temporarily blocking gay marriage in Kansas.
Hair Cuttery Reinstates Man Fired After Contracting HIV, ApologizesA Maryland man who was fired from his job at a hair salon for being HIV positive has been reinstated and his employer has apologized.
ACLU: Md. Man Was Fired By Hair Salon For Being HIV PositiveAfter they say a Maryland man was fired from his job at a hair salon for being HIV positive, the ACLU of Maryland has filed a formal Charge of Discrimination on the his behalf with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Lawsuit: Without Statehood, Moving Federal Agencies Out of D.C. Is 'Forbidden'A D.C. attorney and the former executive director of the city's chapter of the ALCU says he will file a lawsuit to prevent federal agencies from leaving the District if a statehood bill is not passed.
Holder: Mixed Record On National Security Issues Attorney General Eric Holder was just months into the job when he announced plans to prosecute the accused mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks and other alleged co-conspirators in a New York courtroom, rather than through the Guantanamo Bay military commission process.