Koch Brothers' Political Machine Intends To Spend Nearly $1 Billion On 2016 ElectionThe political machine backed by the billionaire Koch brothers on Monday told their most-loyal supporters they intend to raise and spend close to $900 million during the 2016 campaign, a sum that would more than double what the Republican National Committee spent on the 2012 election.
Hillary Clinton Recruiting Obama Veterans For Expected 2016 CampaignTop pollster and media advisor among Obama campaign aides who are being wooed by the former Secretary of State.
Senator Barbara Boxer To RetireThe California Democrat said in a video that she will not seek re-election in 2016.
McCain: 'We're Not Going To Elect Republican President In 2016' Unless We Show We Can GovernOptimists might think twice before seeing Congress' bipartisan agreement to keep the government running another year as a road map for 2015.
Boehner: Christie Remains Presidential ContenderHouse Speaker John Boehner says he believes Chris Christie remains a serious contender for the Republican 2016 presidential nomination, despite the traffic jam scandal engulfing the New Jersey governor.
2016 Campaign Checklist: They've All Been So BusyA comprehensive checklist of possible 2016 Presidential candidates.
GOP Activist: 'Walker Is The Type Of Leader Who Is The Future Of Our Party'Many Republican activists, citing Congress' deep unpopularity, say they want a governor to be their next presidential nominee.
O'Malley in N.H., Ryan in Iowa With All Eyes on 2016 Governors get things done. That's the message from state leaders who are considering a White House run as Washington slips deeper into political paralysis.
Analyst: Weiner An 'Irritation' For Possible Clinton 2016 CampaignNational discourse regarding the 2016 presidential campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has already begun - despite the fact that she has not yet formally announced her plans to run for the office a second time. In regards to her potential pursuit of the presidency, the question is: which policy issues and themes could play recurring roles in her campaign, and in discussions of it?
O'Malley Using Agenda, Fundraising to Explore 2016 His latest legislative achievements put him in the vanguard of his party's liberal base. He's been a top fundraiser for President Barack Obama. And he's ramping up his travel to help fellow Democrats around the country.
Rand Paul Considering 2016 Presidential Bid Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky says he is considering a presidential campaign in 2016 but will not make a decision before next year.