• Apollo 11: 'The Eagle Has Landed'
  1. E. Poe says:

    Why aren’t there any photos of the Pro-Life activists?

    1. JonathanDoe says:

      This is the most despicable thing I have ever seen. I have to give you credit, CBS, you did an excellent job of making sure that you didn’t snap any photos of the 400,000-some pro-lifers, and rather caught the 100 (very high estimate) counter-protestors. That means your shutterbugs only caught .00025 of all of the people there. You must have had to work very hard to make sure you didn’t accidentally include any prolifers. And people blame Fox News of being biased!!! >: (

  2. C. Chatelin says:

    Huh, are you kidding: photos of the 20 defendants of Roe v Wade and nothing of the tens of thousands of people who gathered from all over the country to defend the right to life of the unborn? 9Not to mention your reporter yesterday who was tripping over herself trying to say “anti-choice” and anti-abortion in the same sentence, to avoid pro-life… Media bias at its finest. I’m back on WTOP.

  3. C. Chatelin says:

    Huh, are you kidding: photos of the 20 defendants of Roe v Wade and nothing of the tens of thousands of people who gathered from all over the country to defend the right to life of the unborn? 9Not to mention your reporter yesterday who was tripping over herself trying to say “anti-choice” and anti-abortion in the same sentence, to avoid pro-life… Media bias at its finest. I’m back on WTOP.

    1. Fauntine says:

      More like hundreds of thousands…. This year it was between 300-400,000. I guess the reporters must have (conveniently) missed them…

    2. Shiela Glynn Fallon says:

      There were hundreds of thousands of joyful youth. CBS, next time please send a photo journalist who wants to report the story not create it. I was there in a sea of joyful youth all united to protect the unborn. But thanks for giving the handful of pro-abortion advocates their 15 minutes of fame. If it were not for your reporting, I would not have known they were there.

  4. Nate says:

    What a despicable deception, CBS. As other commenters have noted, there were HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of pro-life protesters marching past the Supreme Court, and yet you manage to use a photograph of a handful of pro-abortion demonstrators to encapsulate the event? Disgusting.

  5. Arthur Jacobs says:

    I guess we’re playing ‘Let’s pretend’. No photos, which actually reflect the headline,
    just the the ones that obviously reflect the bias of the so-called ‘pro-choice’ media.
    You people are so predictable.

  6. StewartIII says:

    NewsBusters| CBS’s DC Website: Only ‘Pro-Choice Activists’ Showed Up For Roe Anniversary

  7. Lumberjack says:

    So sorry your cameraman ran out of film before he got around to the real rally.

  8. FloridaProLife says:

    I was there yesterday and rallied with 27,000 Catholic youths at the Verizon Center and DC Armory then went to the march with at least a 100,000 more. Yet all you found were pictures of the insignificant number of pro-abortion protestors? (Kudos for being able to photograph every one of them, by the way.) How is that even possible? When Conservatives talk about “Liberal Media Bias,” this is precisely what we are mean. Disgusting.

  9. pds says:

    Fair and balanced journalism. NOT.

  10. FT says:

    C”BS” reporting at it’s worst.

  11. RBR says:

    Wow! This is really something. I’ve lived in third world countries governed by military juntas, and this ridiculous bias in “reporting” ranks right up with any slanted news stories I ever saw there. These photos are a sick joke. I was there at the March, in the midst of the tens and tens of thousands (probably hundreds of thousands, but I won’t purport that without evidence) of peaceful marchers, praying and witnessing to the truth that innocent life must not be slaughtered out of inconvenience. Shame on you, CBS. This is not journalism.

  12. Greg says:

    Too bad your photographer couldn’t seem to turn around and take pictures of the several hundred thousand Pro-Life/Anti-Abortion marchers who were there. This reminds me of of Baghdad Bob or whatever his name was saying “There are NO Americans in Baghdad!” You people are pathetic and irrelevant.

  13. Mary Eshelman says:

    And you dare to call yourselves journalists? A journalist reports both sides of a story…there’s not ONE SINGLE PICTURE OF THE 400,000+ people who were there to stand up against abortion! The story here was The March for LIFE, not the march for abortion.

  14. Tammy says:

    Talk about bias!!! What about the 1/2 a million opping abortion? CBS is off my channel list. I want the truth in media. Not what they want me to think..

  15. KristyZ says:

    Wow! Stellar reporting, CBS. Did you also PAY the couple of pro-choice people photographed to show up yesterday? I know a lot of effort must have gone into NOT getting a picture of the hundreds of thousand people who were rallying for LIFE.

  16. Joann says:

    This is why we don’t watch or listen to mainstream media anymore. Media bias here, as usual. Cowards. All.

  17. Marc says:

    This makes me sick. Did you know? Media is latin for middle. You are supposed to be fair and unbiased. You photograph all 20 of the pro-death protesters, yet fail to represent even one of the 150,000+ pro-lifers.
    It just goes to show that you don’t represent the whole story, only the side which is most monetarily profitable for you.
    Conclusively, I bet you wouldn’t be so rabidly pro-abortion if your mother had aborted you…oh, wait! You wouldn’t even exist!!!!!!!!

  18. Nicole Cloutier says:

    What if Mary said “No”?

    The media is a bunch of mindless lemmings who lack true courage and backbone which any proud American should possess. How is abortion any different than the holocaust? Hitler claimed certain groups of people were sub-human too!!! There is no other way to describe this than a government-subsidized genocide, in the name of the “choice”, or as Hitler would have deemed it, “superiority”, of certain people. There is NO situation which could EVER justify the murder of children: Don’t inhumanely abuse a child for the crimes of his/her parents!!!

  19. John Doe says:

    *****Look at thumbnails numbers 1 & 4******

    I guess there’s not enough pro-death marchers to have a sufficient supply of photos without taking doubles of the same people!!!! Idiots……

  20. LisaKr says:

    Of the people shown in the pics above, three people are doubled in the photos, and one is tripled… This amounts to a grand total of only 11 real individual people carrying pro-choice signs in the art gallery!!! Compare this to the recorded amount of over 100,000 pro-LIFE advocates which marched on the same day…..I was there!!!!

  21. smile.everyday. says:


    I am really speechless. I stood and watched the march go by me for 3 HOURS. this is a disgrace.

    stop trying to make our efforts look like they were equally matched. I took a 16 hour bus ride to DC to cheer myself hoarse and pray nonstop in the rain and cold, along with 400000+ others to have our voices, the voices of Americans, heard. we are NOT 11 prochoicers.

    WE ARE THE PROLIFE. this was OUR march.

  22. Katie says:

    Hilarious that hundreds of thousands of pro-life marchers showed up, compared to less than 100 pro-choice demonstrators, and yet CBS “news” can’t be bothered to put up even one photo of the pro-life side. Mainstream media in this country is a pathetic joke.

  23. Kimberly Wedel says:

    I am disgusted CBS. I will boycott your channel and I will convince everyone I know to boycott CBS and it’s sponsors. I can’t belive the ridiculous level of bias. There were tens of thousands of pro-life people defending the rights of unborn babies and you managed to find the few pro-abortion stragglers in the crowd. That is appaling. You can’t hide the truth. Get with the trend people. More than half of our great nation are now pro-life. You will bw called out on this. How are you going to defend your actions.

  24. andy says:

    And these news stations scratch their heads and wonder why they have no viewers and that Fox News is thriving. Here is a free lesson, be a REAL news station and report the truth. Oh wait, you don’t want to accept the truth

  25. Keri Jensen Cruser says:

    Was your photographer actually unable to see the THOUSANDS of people directly behind him, or did they just think the dozen folks on that side of the street made a better photo?
    Come on, this is a new low in biased media. I’d advise an apology and/or an actual accounting of the events, showing the thousands of people showing up in droves who truly oppose the anti-life culture in this country.
    Get out of the pockets of the folks in power and start doing some actual reporting!

  26. Natalie says:

    This is outrageous, and you all should be completely ashamed of yourselves for representing only the pro choice side. I attended the March, and thousands upon thousands were gathered to stand in defense of human life. I was there throughout the weekend attending events, including the students for life of america conference, where thousands of young people were gathered, prepared to do more to save their generation. Not once did I see any who were there supporting abortion. All I saw, throughout the weekend and into the March, were thousands passionately present to represent LIFE. Abortion is a tragedy, and the fact that the media refuses to aknowledge this, only continues to destroy the lives of many (not only the innocent children, but the parents who choose death for them).

    Our society is in need of journalists who are able to ACCURATELY portray the reality of whats happening in this world.

  27. Joyce Fountaine says:

    Well, accuracy in reporting does not seem to be YOUR problem! Aren’t you embarrassed that there are photos of the thousands of pro-life marchers that your photographer seemed not to see…I guess not.

  28. Kerri says:

    Absolutely disgusting, CBS! What are you trying to do? Make the public believe that the annual rally taking place every year on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade is PRO-ABORTION?! You people are lying, biased, unethical trash reporters. No better than a tabloid. No more CBS on my computer!

  29. Janet says:

    I’d say “unbelievable”, but sadly, I have no problem believing it. How anyone still watches local news at all, is a mystery to me. Actually, any news, really. Amazing that I seem to get the best, most accurate reporting of day to day events on sites like Twitter from regular, average citizens who were actually THERE, and have no agenda other than to pass on what they saw. News media is a dying breed. They just don’t seem to know it yet.

  30. Emily says:

    I was there as well, and I didn’t even notice these people were there! Perhaps it was the hundreds of thousands of other people marching… Or because I was trying to keep track of the high school students just in our small group, who outnumbered the people shown in these pictures.

    Despicable, CBS. Shame on you.

    Let’s flood this comment box, and maybe they’ll get a hint. But I suppose they’d never apologize.

  31. amycero says:

    “Activists on both sides of the abortion issue are rallying on the 39th anniversary of the landmark Roe vs Wade case.”

    Funny, I only see one side pictured. Not a single picture of the thousands of pro-life marchers (which included me and my 15-year-old son).

    Are you afraid to show there is another side to this debate?

  32. Betsy says:

    I’m absolutely speechless. I knew there was liberal bias in the media, of course, but CBS isn’t even pretending to be neutral. If people think they’re actually getting unbiased news from the mainstream media they’re kidding themselves. CBS should be ashamed.

  33. We (a group of college students from Seattle) were also at the March for Life in D.C. I did not see any abortion supporters but I did see hundreds of thousands of pro-life activists (mostly young people) standing up for the rights of those who are not able to do so.

  34. mauman says:

    It really is laughable. CBS Washington DC should issue a response to these comments.

    1. Wulland says:

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  35. Sharon says:

    CBS, please investigate your stories more fully and in an ubiased way. I attended the March and traveled for 2 days to get there. Our group consisted of 92 people alone. There were so many people they filled the streets for miles.The people you photographed were a small group that we passed. Some of our group did stop to visit with them. All of the rallys and activities surrounding the 39th annual March for Life were filled with thousands, and tens of thousands, people, maybe more.

    It is sad to know how untrue your coverage was. People want and deserve the truth when you report including the fact that we were there marching because life is precious. It begins at conception and should be protected from conception till natural death.
    We are praying for you. May God have mercy on you. Do you realize what you are doing?

  36. Colin says:

    Perhaps the ‘journalist’ who took these photos and filed the report got his ‘degree’ in the North Korean School of Journalistic Integrity…

    1. Back To Life Movement says:

      Great work showing a heap young people who are standing for LIFE! This IS a pro-life generation. We won’t see that on CBS or any other leftest news organization for that matter. Good work!

    2. Vrose says:

      Thank you very much for posting this. THAT is the March I went to, and I cannot believe that someone commenting on this page can give better coverage than the actual journalist. If CBS is going to publish pieces as biased as this, than they might as well not publish anything at all. America prides itself on freedom of speech and freedom of the press, but our media is starting to appear more and more socialist. It upsets me that I cannot trust my national news networks to cover current events in a fair way.

  37. Kimberly Wedel says:

    People make CBS be held accountable for this . How dare they hijack a pro-life march and try and turn it into propaganda for the pro-abortion movement. We won’t allow it. Speak out!!! Go to their facebook pages. Email them. Make them answer for this. Not only do they refuse to acknowledge our message they are falsely portraying the news. More than half of the citizens of the United States now consider themselves pro-life. Don’t let them manipulate the truth.

  38. Melissa says:

    So lame CBS. SO very lame.

  39. Kathryn says:

    From Merriam-Webster’s dictionary: Journalism : writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation.

    CBS, this attempt at journalism utterly fails!

    Hundreds of thousands pro-lifer advocates versus a handful of pro-choice advocates. Those are the facts. So, try again.

  40. Katrina, The Crescat says:

    I guess you missed all the 400-500 THOUSAND pro-life ninjas that stealthy crept by. What ass you all at the msm.

  41. Jean Schneiderwind says:

    I will start listening to your station tonight! – so that I can record the names of your sponsors, write them and boycott them. Shame on you! The Lord have mercy on you
    for promoting MURDER
    South Carolina

  42. Jacqui says:

    UNBELIEVABLE. Not a single picture of anyone pro-life? Media bias at it’s worse. I’m most definitely boycotting CBS news now.

  43. Rianna says:

    This is hysterically funny. A couple hundred thousand people marched on Washington, and you couldn’t find a single picture of them to post IN YOUR STORY ABOUT THEM? Seriously? What, you couldn’t find a pro-lifer who looked crazy enough to fit your narrative? Too many young moms with strollers? You could have added ONE, wide-angled lens photo of the march, and been done with it. Then you could have had your five close-cropped images of the couple dozen protesters that were there. This is disgusting. This is what you call journalism? Edward R. Murrow must be spinning in his grave.

    1. Lili says:

      Thanks for any other informative blog. Where else may just I get that kind of info twetrin in such an ideal approach? I have a venture that I am just now operating on, and I have been at the glance out for such info.

  44. Mary says:

    You are disgusting, malicious liars, and should not dare call yourselves “journalists.” Why are you so afraid of the truth? What do you think would happen if people knew what really happened in Washington? If you believe in ‘choice’, why not tell the truth and let the public decide instead of lying? CBS is despicable, and I will make sure to tell everyone that fact.

  45. Tony says:

    Tell the truth CBS. You completely misrepresented the pro life crowd in DC. Show the real pictures of how big the March for Life crowd was, how young people played a major role, and how normal the majority of people were. That means don’t just show pictures of the few fringe kooks who show up for these kinds of things. Show and report the truth.

  46. Tim says:

    Hahahahaha! FAIL! No photos of pro-lifers. Ouch, CBS. You just made yourself a huge target for jokes.

  47. HKate says:

    Ha this isn’t news this is perpetuating an agenda … absolutely worthless reporting, WORTHLESS.

  48. Mike O says:

    This is not reporting; this is blatant advocacy. And censorship Himmler would have been proud to accomplish. I am not that strong on the Pro-Life side, but I do expect NEWS to be REPORTED.

  49. Darlene Everson says:

    I have not watched your station as well as the others who are blatently biased and refuse to report the news accurately. The only station I now watch is Fox News. You have lost many viewers because of your refusal to report the news accurately. Shame on you! My grandson attends the March each year; thankfully, many more young people are becoming pro-life and understand the consequences of abortion and the terrible harm it does to women. I counsel women re the ramifications, physical and mental, of abortion. It is too bad you are so liberal that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

  50. Mary says:

    Not only are CBS rotten liars, but they’re delusional enough to think they can get away with it. Shame on you.

  51. Mary says:

    Not only are CBS rotten liars, they’re so out of touch with reality that the sheeple will never know the difference.

  52. Gail Finke says:

    My daughter went to the March for Life with a group from her school. There were more people there FROM HER SCHOOL than all these abortion supporters put together. This is the most pathetic excuse for coverage of a protest that I’ve ever seen. I’ve got a headline for you: “Double Plus Good!” Now there is a society that would appreciate your journalistic style.

  53. Christina Dunigan says:

    CBS, you missed the HUGE story here, which evidently is that pro-lifers have mastered invisibility cloaking technology on a massive scale.

  54. Allison says:

    I would say “unbelievable”, but quite frankly, this ridiculously biased slideshow is right on par with the rest of the mainstream media’s pathetic excuse for accurate journalism.

    It’s funny – my friends and I who were AT the March (on the pro-life side) were actually commenting on what a pitiful turnout the opposition had (about 20 vulgar, angry protesters in contrast to the hundreds of THOUSANDS of joyful, peaceful pro-lifers)

    We aren’t going away…it will be bigger next year…you can ignore us all you want, but we aren’t going away 🙂

  55. James Mooney says:

    The liberal news media black out of the March for Life has been notorious now for some time. Write CBS sponsors and boycott their products.

  56. Jen says:

    Your myopic view of the events on Monday, January 23, 2012, makes me wonder how many other CBS stories are edited with bias. CBS may not like how the events transpired, but as journalists they must report honestly the events as they take place. How on earth am I to trust your reporting? What happened to journalistic integrity?
    My husband, daughter, and son rode in a bus for 21 hours to be at the March for LIFE. Tulsa, OK alone sent four charter buses full of students and chaperones. My husband spoke briefly with an officer on duty. The officer reported that this is the LARGEST, most peaceful, march in D.C. every year. He said that the march outnumbers the Million Man March every year.

    Jen in OK

  57. Julia Tunze says:

    Really CBS? This is not what you call journalism. Why cant you really reveal what happened in Washington? Like how many people showed up and that teens, like myself, played a major role in the march. It makes me wonder how much of your reporting in true. I’ll think twice next time before watching your programming. This is truly despicable.

  58. Julia says:

    So true. We will never stop defending life.

    1. Thiago says:

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  59. David Meyer says:

    CBS reporting:

    “In other news… North Korea just anounced each of it’s citizens drives a BMW and has more food and luxury than they know what to do with. Also the Dear Leader has just found the cure to cancer. Film at 11. Back to you Ken!…”

    Would CBS point the camera at the 2 neo-nazis at a Martin Luther King remembrance march? No. So why point the camera at a handfull of pro-choice people when there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of pro-life demonstrators?

  60. Cassie M says:

    Really? I have to laugh at this it is so pathetic.
    That’s OK – CBS can misreport, the rest of the news outlets can ignore it or give it minimal and inaccurate coverage – everyone can pay attention to the five pro-death protesters who were there… WE’RE NOT GOING AWAY.
    I was there – I saw the hundreds of thousands of young people who are going to grow up and VOTE FOR LIFE (hear that, congress?) I saw the young priests and all the seminarians, praise be to God!
    We will not be silenced.
    Meanwhile the pro-death folks will sadly contracept and abort themselves out of existence. Maybe Darwin was right. At least in this case.
    For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world…

  61. Mark says:

    CBS profiles something in the ballpark of 11 people over against tens or hundreds of thousands.

    I wonder if there’ll be an “Occupy Fleet Street” movement anytime soon with the motto: “We are the 99%”?

  62. ctmom says:

    And CBS wonders why Fox kicks their butt every single day?

  63. Jacob Riggs says:

    CBS is a joke to journalism for this. You do not care about news or truth. You care about your own agenda. What a foolish, idiotic thing to do. Your editors or whoever decided to exclude pictures of the countless people opposing Roe V Wade should be fired immediately. Absolutely and utterly ridiculous.

  64. Cristy says:

    Wow CBS. Way to do your job horribly.

  65. Christina says:

    What a joke, CBS! There were at least 400,000 young people at the March for Life, and all you show are a couple of abortion rights protesters! Time to open your eyes to the reality!

  66. Jeff says:

    Love that CBS’ photogs/editors are getting called out in all these comments. They must think we’re too stupid to notice their obvious slant.

    Hey look! A few hundred people are occupying private property! Let’s do a dozen stories on them!

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  67. Karen K says:

    Yellow journalism at it’s worst. I don’t object to a photo of abortion rights protesters, but to ignore the 400,000+ March for Life people is horribly, horribly skewed.

  68. Joshua says:

    This is almost worse than the nytimes or WaPo approach of ignoring the protests altogether. I’d rather you be honest with your biases and not report on it, than blatantly spin it in such a despicable manner.

  69. Rachel says:


    It is so sad that all of the pro-lifers were blatantly ignored. Again.

  70. Matthew Elton says:

    Tons of pictures of pro-death marchers, yet not a single photo of the 400,000 pro-life marchers. This is some of the worst journalism I’ve ever seen. Not even communist China has censorship this bad.

  71. Anika says:

    What happened? I was part of over 100,000 people who marched, and you take pictures of the dozen counter-protesters and make *them* your story? Doesn’t that seem a little, oh, I don’t know… like missing the point? Or ignoring the real story, perhaps?

  72. brittany says:

    Someone seems to have missed the 300,000-400,000 pro-LIFErs. This is just ridiculous!!! Horrible Journalism right there.

  73. Abby says:

    I applaud your effort CBS. It must have been difficult to get pictures of these few without catching any of the hundreds of thousands of pro-life marchers in there. But ignoring us won’t make us go away – I look forward to seeing the numbers swell to something that not even the most bias media can continue to ignore.

  74. Opal says:

    Bias, thy name is CBS.

  75. Brian says:

    Reality? Let’s just ignore it and maybe it will go away -right CBS?

    You can try to deny it, but there was a PRO-LIFE march Monday. Sad that you didn’t just focus on the abortion supporters, you had tunnel vision!

    1. Eliane says:

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  76. David Riojas says:

    Here’s a better depiction of what happened in Washington on Monday…

  77. mtm says:

    No photos of the ones marching at the March for Life?


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  78. Walter from Pennsylvania says:

    Shame. Shame on you. Your actions define intolerance. Intolerance of First Amendment Rights. Intolerance of those who think differently than you. Is this America? Looking forward to seeing your liberal hate police criticize your intolerant actions. Do you have any advertising sponsors who wish to step up and condemn or support your undefendable actions? Where are you guys? Or do you want your cake and eat it too – suppress free-speech, but embrace our purchase of your products. There is a reality gap here – either stand in the gap or get out of the kitchen, advertisers.

  79. Jeremy Michael Smith says:

    Thank you, CBS, for being so blatantly biased. You are doing more than you know to embolden those of us who will fight for life until we win. And we are going to win. (Btw,n anytime you feel like actually taking a look, or a aiming a lens, at truth, it would be so refreshing.)

  80. Eric Dunham says:

    Hmmm… how many pro-lifers were in this crowd? I see you’ve managed to dig up some pictures of them, but why is it that hundreds of thousands of them get no more screen time than a teeny handful of protester-protesters?

    If these pro-lifers were anti-war protesters, and these pro-aborts were pro-war protesters, you wouldn’t have even bothered to put a picture of them in here. What a pathetic joke.

    As a person that wants fair coverage of the issues, I can guarantee I won’t be tuning into CBS any time soon.

  81. mary says:

    Notice how all the Pro-lifers are in CROWDS while the pro-choicers are very spread out? That is because there where hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers and maybe 100 pro-choicers. (I personally saw only 3). Don’t portray the sides with equal coverage if they weren’t equal anywhere near equal in numbers.

  82. Michael Ordonez says:

    I have pretty much given up on the major networks. CBS,ABC, and NBC lean so far to the left that even their so-called “straight” news items can’t be trusted for accuracy. Their television sponsors just waste their money when it comes to people like me. Don’t boycott their sponsors, just quit watching their programs.

  83. SDG says:


    Looks like CBS has responded to all the criticism they’ve been getting here and elsewhere. They’ve added a bunch of NEW photos to the gallery above—photos that clearly show the March for Life in all its scale, youth and energy.

    While they still give approximately equal space to “both sides,” anyone can now see that the occasion was a VAST pro-life demonstration with a TINY pro-choice counter-demonstration.

    While this doesn’t completely make up for the blatant advocacy of the initial slideshow, CBS does deserve credit for adding a significant corrective to their coverage. So, thanks for that, CBS.

    Next year, try to get it right the first time!

  84. SCrespo says:

    Pathetic. Just pathetic.

  85. Briney Eye says:

    Smiling killers that immediately brought to mind an old photograph of grinning Nazi “doctors” posing over the flayed body of a concentration camp victim. The lack of self-awareness and gruesome denial of moral culpability is just appalling to me. It hurts my heart.

    1. Kimberly Wedel says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Even if someone is deluded enough to believe that abortion should be legal, is that something to smile about? Especially the woman holding the sign above her head. Huge smile on her face. Disgusting. It really shows the moral deficiency of those people.

    2. Kimberly Heckenast Wedel says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Even if someone is deluded enough to believe that abortion should be legal, is that something to smile about? Especially the woman holding the sign above her head. Huge smile on her face. Disgusting. It really shows the moral deficiency of those people.

  86. Scott says:

    I was proud that my daughter and her high school were there marching, along with thousands of others. People who truly understand what the Pro Life struggle is: the greatest civil rights struggle of our time. Someday history will judge our abortion laws very harshly.

    I warned her that the news coverage of her efforts would be bad to non-existant, She was shocked, but now I see I was right. The bias of the news outlets is astounding.

  87. Dwayne Parker says:

    Great feedback!

  88. L. Rogers says:

    I see CBS has added seven pictures of pro-lifers to their slide show. It looks like their photographer did manage to notice all those other people. I suppose the comments were getting just too embarrassing. This matches the seven photos of the “pro choice” activists which are still a part of the slide show. I guess this is now CBS’s idea of “balanced” reporting: eleven “pro choice” activists get the same attention as a 400,000 pro-life activists. Disgusting!

    This is just more evidence that Americans cannot trust CBS to report what is actually happening. They report only what supports their political agenda. CBS is a disgrace.

    You peopl

  89. Jezebelle says:

    CBS SUCKS BIG TIME!!! What the hell are you scared of, cbs? That the TRUTH will get out that ABORTION KILLS UNBORN HUMAN LIFE? And CBS has a PRO-ABORT agenda because CBS MISLEADS THE PUBLIC!!! Well, it’s all out, now! cbs cannot fool the public any longer. AMERICA IS NOW PRO-LIFE, and you cannot hide it any longer cbs!

  90. Tina says:

    That you would even dedicate this many pictures to the pro-abortion activists is laughable. I was there, and I didn’t see ONE SINGLE pro-choice person in attendance. Maybe because there weren’t enough present to notice. Maybe because I couldn’t see them over the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of pro-life people rallying and marching with me. You call this news? Ridiculous!

  91. Matthew Jarnagan says:

    Seriously! This event had more people the what was gathered during the Civil Rights movement! Sadly as we can see most Americans value life, and the majority want abortion to stop. It’s media coverage like this proves News Media IS Bias, and only covers the Liberal View of life. There hasn’t been one rally with such a great force or magnitude for abortion, and the private companies couldn’t afford to PAY enough people to stand in the freezing rain to support their cause!

    1. Eguilar says:

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  92. Nadia says:

    Ok, so it’s nice that CBS “added” some photos of actual protestors after a firestorm of criticism, but still there is only ONE crowd shot and the rest of the photos go to great length of showing a small group of individuals as a way to avoid showing the hundreds of thousands present to stand up for LIFE, mainly young, but of all ages. And still you all continue to have the 6 photos of the anti-life protestors, which were like 20 at most compared to the hundreds of thousands and who most Pro-life marchers missed because they were so not visible. That said, there should only be 1 photo of such not half the album! Get with the program CBS. You are a news station with the responsibility to report news, not create or distort it. Thank goodness for social media today to hold you all accountable. This is the end of years of media block out when it comes to the March for Life!!!!

    1. Erondina says:

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  93. Mary says:

    I was at this life changing event marching for the life of the unborn, and I will tell you that I could count the number of pro-“choice” protesters on one hand! In order to count the number of pro-lifers, however I would need 80,000 hands! Next time, CBS, please, make sure your reports reflect the truth of the matter.

  94. mary says:


  95. alan says:

    This bias photo report is the reason I stopped watching CBS news and the rest for the main stream news media. I get more accurate news from FOX, Drudge, and others. Bye CBS News.

  96. Andrew says:

    CBS, by your coverup, you are just as responsible for the murder of over 50 million innocent children since 1973 as the doctors themselves.

    How much money are you getting from Planned Parenthood?

    1. Mukesh says:

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  97. Brian B says:

    They altered their slideshow without noting it. Liars! I will not watch CBS again!

  98. brandon says:

    So, even the updated photo album has an equal number of photos of pro-choice as pro-life advocates?!! This is truly awful.

    Web editor and photo editor: You do not deserve your jobs and you certainly do not deserve to be referred to as a professional.

  99. Steven Ertelt says:


  100. Alyssa says:

    So there were about 400,000 of us and 10-20 of them and this is the coverage the world saw? Well, at least CBS broke down and put a few pictures of us up, I suppose.

  101. Christina Dunigan says:

    So CBS went from staggeringly biased to a lame, half-hearted gesture toward actually covering the story. It’s still a pathetic excuse for journalism.

    Next time, CBS, send somebody to cover the March who doesn’t think gets his paycheck from the National Abortion Federation.

  102. Mo says:

    This is despicable. No more CBS for me.

  103. Rick says:

    Is there any integrity in the media? CBS has proved, yet again, that they don’t have any.

  104. Dos says:

    Shame, shame, shame on you CBS. You have betrayed generations of painstakingly built and hard won integrity with a petulant, adolescent attempt to hide fact and display what amounts to deliberate falsehood.

  105. Mouse says:

    Even now that pro-lifer pictures have been included, it is amazing that they still try to make it look like there were a lot of pro-abortion people there, by putting about the same number of pictures of what were really only a handful of the pro-abortion side. The idea seems to be: OK, if we have to admit there was a huge crowd of prolifers there, we’ll at least try to make it look like there were a lot of pro-abortion (“pro-choice”) people there. Which there were NOT. That’s deceptive – like the soviet or Nazi propaganda machines. But we prolifers are used to that – same every year.

    Luckily we have the internet and cameras and tweeting now – so you can’t feed us only what you want us to know any more – we are WATCHING and recording everything and we tell the world ourselves!!!

  106. Emily says:

    I am proud of them for finally putting pictures up, and picture 4 is pretty sweet! The only semi-reasonable explanation I can think of is that they had so many pictures of the pro-life march to choose from (because there were so many opportunities to take them) that it took a while to sort them out and pick what to post. I should probably give them the benefit of the doubt. But then again, if that were true, they should have waited until they had both sides represented to post anything.

    An apology would have been nice.

  107. Ann Iseman Walden says:

    It’s no longer just the annual March for Life. It is a March for Understanding that Media Bias is real. Thanks, CBS, for further making that point. All of those tens (or hundreds?) of thousands of marchers also had friends and family back home. Believe me; we all noticed the lack of coverage of this event.

  108. Toni says:

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