John Auville ‘Cakes’

CakesCakes is co-host of The Sports Junkies heard weekday mornings from 5-10 a.m on 106.7 The Fan.

He is married to his wife Amy and lives in Olney, MD. Cakes was adopted by his parents when he was five weeks old and attended Towson University. His first job out of college was working at a Toys-R-Us.

You can follow him on twitter: @moneymetalcakes

Cakes’ Takes: Vokoun Finally Out Of NHL Siberia  

The Washington Capitals lucked out this off-season, signing 35-year old goalie Tomas Vokoun to a 1- year, $1.5 million deal.  What a steal he is for Washington; there are 29 other goalies in the NHL with a higher base salary for this upcoming season than what he will earn.    Vokoun has toiled in relative […]


Cakes’ Takes: The Rams Stink

St. Louis is terrible, and the Redskins need to win these easier games before the schedule gets really tough later in the season.