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CakesCakes is co-host of The Sports Junkies heard weekday mornings from 5-10 a.m on 106.7 The Fan.

He is married to his wife Amy and lives in Olney, MD. Cakes was adopted by his parents when he was five weeks old and attended Towson University. His first job out of college was working at a Toys-R-Us.

You can follow him on twitter: @moneymetalcakes

Cakes’ Takes: Random Tuesday Recap

Some nuggets I gleaned from today’s show….


Cakes’ Takes: Caps Playoffs Start Tonight

The Capitals may still have six games remaining before the final buzzer goes off on the regular season, but their playoff run begins tonight.


Cakes’ Takes: Don’t Press the Panic Button Yet!

I’m revisiting my blog from a few months ago, and I’m basically still in the same boat…don’t press your Washington Capitals panic button quite yet.


Cakes’ Takes: Road Woes For Caps & Wizards

One of the hallmarks of playoff-caliber teams is their ability to win games on the road. From the looks of the road records for the Wizards and Capitals, seems like fans of the local good guys may have a lot of free time on their hands this spring.


Cakes’ Takes: Pull The Trigger On Peyton

Reports are surfacing that if Peyton Manning is released by the Indianapolis Colts that the Washington Redskins would be seriously interested in signing him. If his health is 100%, which is a huge question mark considering he’s recuperating from three procedures on his neck, then it’s the right move for the Shanahan regime


Cakes’ Takes: Redskins Resolutions for 2012

Cakes lays out the plan for success in 2012 for the Washington Redskins


Cakes’ Takes: No Time To Panic

Cakes believes it’s too early to panic for Capitals’ fans. The season is not lost, and to get back to him a month into the new year.


Cakes’ Takes: 3 Reasons the Redskins Beat the Bills

Can the Redskins bounce back this weekend and beat the Bills in Toronto? Cakes’ thinks it’s possible.


Cakes’ Takes: It Had To Be Beck

During Rex’s starting tenure in Washington, he was responsible for 19 turnovers in less than 8 full starts at quarterback. That should be the only stat that Coach Shanahan needed to digest in order to make this move


Cakes’ Takes: How To Beat The Eagles

The Junkies’ John Auville breaks down the Eagles, and gives his thoughts on how to send them to 1-5.